NRA raises $1.1 million in a month

One thing’s for sure, all of this talk by leftists about gun control has energized and unified gun enthusiasts everywhere. Not only have gun and ammo sales been through the roof, but the NRA has had a spike in membership and donations. Now that’s what I call an unintended consequence.

From Breitbart:

In January of this year alone, the NRA’s political action committee (PAC) raised $1.1 million, nearly double the approximately $600,000 a month they raised in 2011 and 2012.

Because of this, at the end of January the NRA’s PAC had $2.4 million and no debt—which means the NRA is off to the races with its goal of protecting gun rights by defeating Democrat Senators seeking reelection in 2014.

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At least the money is going to a good cause: unseating anti-constitutionalists.

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