And the most conservative member of the Senate is…

You’ve probably never heard of him unless you live in Idaho, but according to the National Journal’s rankings of Congress, James Risch is the most conservative member of the Senate.  I’m not entirely sure what qualifications they used to come up with the rankings, but the list is fascinating.  in 2012 Risch beat out his more famous colleagues like Rand Paul and former Senator Jim DeMint.  

Here’s the list of the top 15:

  1. James Risch
  2. John Croryn 
  3. Jim DeMint
  4. Pat Toomey
  5. Ron Johnson
  6. Rand Paul
  7. Mike Lee
  8. Michael Enzi
  9. Mike Crapo
  10. Orrin Hatch
  11. Saxby Chambliss
  12. Tom Coburn
  13. David Vitter
  14. James Inhofe
  15. John Kyle & Mitch McConnell (tied)

I suspect that they’re using a different definition of conservative than I would use, but I tend to lean a little more libertarian than a lot.  You can find a little bit more about the National Journal’s methods over here.  

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