Secretary of State John Kerry to visit Arab countries, skip Israel on first trip abroad

Well, this is not exactly a big surprise.  Obama hasn’t exactly been Israel’s best friend.  John Kerry will skip Israel on his first trip abroad as Secretary of State.

from The Hill:

John Kerry will skip Israel as part of his first trip abroad as secretary of State, the Obama administration announced Tuesday.

Kerry had been widely expected to visit Israel and the West Bank and push for restarting peace talks with the Palestinians ahead of President Obama’s own expectations-laden trip to the country next month. Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have had a frosty relationship characterized by tensions over Israeli settlement construction and Iran’s alleged nuclear program, with some Democrats accusing Netanyahu of rooting for Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential election.

Instead, Kerry will be visiting nine European and Middle Eastern capitals over 10 days starting Sunday, focusing in large part on the civil war in Syria. When it comes to the crucial Israeli relationship, he’ll be playing a supporting role to Obama, who makes his first trip to the Jewish state and the West Bank as president next month.

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I cringe to think what President Obama will say on his first trip to Israel next month.  Then again it might be fun to watch Bibi Netanyahu put Obama in his place again. 

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