Virginia man protects his 2-year-old son, shoots and kills intruders in his home


A Virginia man was home with his 2-year-old son with three intruders forced their way into his home. He shot and killed two of them and the third intruder managed to escape. 

Here’s video of the local news report:

from NBC 12:

Prince Edward sheriff’s deputies are investigating a deadly home invasion that happened early Sunday morning in Prospect. Two of the three suspects are dead, shot by the homeowner in self defense, according to investigators on scene. Meanwhile, the search continues for the third suspect.

This situation began unfolding at about 4:30 a.m. in the 5000 block of Prince Edward Highway, or Route 460. Investigators told NBC12’s Kelly Avellino three unknown men forced their way in the front door of the home, where a man was alone with a 2-year-old child.

According to a press release issued by Sheriff Wesley W. Reed, that man called 911 to report a home invasion and said the suspects were armed. Reed also said gunfire was exchanged between the suspects and the caller.

Authorities said two suspects were pronounced dead at the scene, while the third managed to escape on foot.

We’re told the homeowner and the child were not harmed. 

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Owning a gun may have very well saved the lives of this man and his young son.  Liberals claim that gun control is all about saving the lives of children.  ”If it saves just one young life…” they say.  

Gun control may very well have ended this 2-year-old’s life had it been in place.  We can be thankful his father was able to fight back. 

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