Obama administration targeting Native American tribes for illegal eagle feather posession


The Obama administration has implemented new rules, preventing certain Native American tribes from owning eagle feathers. 

from McClatchy:

Angelica Chavis, a third-year law student in North Carolina, received her prized eagle feather from a tribal elder at age 7, when she was crowned Little Miss Lumbee.

And she’s planning to keep it, even if it’s against federal law.

“It’s something I’ve earned and it was given to me as an honor,” said Chavis, 23.

Chavis and other members of the Lumbee Tribe, the largest in North Carolina, say they’re feeling like second-class citizens these days, thanks to a new Obama administration policy.

The Justice Department said in October that it would allow Native Americans to possess or use eagle feathers for religious or cultural purposes. But there was a catch: The new rule applies only to members of federally recognized tribes, and the Lumbee Tribe is not among them.

Consequently, the Lumbees and members of other non-federally recognized tribes who own feathers are violating the Bald Eagle Protection Act, which makes it a crime to possess a feather without a federal permit. It’s another example of the growing disparities among the nation’s tribes.

The Lumbees want the feather policy changed to include all Indians.

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First of all, it’s absurd for it to be illegal for anybody to own an eagle feather, regardless of their heritage. It’s not an eagle.  It’s a feather! 

Secondly, I thought Democrats were supposed to be opposed to laws that favor one race over another.  Oh wait.  Just look at history.  That’s never been the case

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