Millions of tax dollars spent on study that attempts to link Tea Party to the tobacco lobby


It’s this kind of story that makes steam come out of my ears.  The Federal government gave $7 million to the University of San Francisco to conduct research on “tobacco issues.”  The university took that money and spent at least part of it on a hair brained conspiracy theory academic paper that attempts to link the Tea Party to the tobacco lobby.

Yes.  The University of San Francisco actually published a paper that said the Tea Party is the creation of the tobacco lobby, and your tax money paid for it.

from Fox News:

The study was published earlier this month in the Tobacco Control journal and was formally presented by its authors at an on-campus symposium in San Francisco Feb. 8. 

"The Tea Party that we see in 2009 actually has decades of influence from tobacco and other corporate interests," co-author Amanda Fallin said at the time, downplaying the notion that the group is just a "spontaneous grassroots movement." 

The charge that the Tea Party is a tool of broader corporate interests is one often leveled by Democratic critics. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi was fond of calling the movement “astroturf” in the run-up to the 2010 mid-term elections where Tea Partiers helped Republicans take control of the House. 

The research at the University of California-San Francisco echoes the claim, while weaving in an attractive narrative for Tea Party critics — that the Tea Party is continuing the agenda of the tobacco industry. 

The study was funded by federal taxpayer grants through the National Institutes of Health and its subsidiary the National Cancer Institute, both federal agencies. It’s difficult to tell how much grant money specifically went toward this study, but federal records show researchers at the university have received $7 million since 2007 to study tobacco issues. 

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The reality is that the Tea Party came about because our government taxes us too much and spends our hard-earned tax dollars on garbage like this!

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