Washington Post: Hey young people, Obamacare is about to raise your health care costs


The Washington Post is finally reporting what we already knew: Obamacare raises, not lowers, health care costs…especially for young people. For anyone even vaguely familiar with economics, this is obvious. But to the legions of uninformed Obamacare supporters unwilling to think critically about the terrible law’s negative effect on the economy, this might come as a shock.

From the WaPo:

Many young, healthy Americans could soon see a jump in their health insurance costs, and insurance companies are saying: It’s not our fault.

The nation’s insurers are engaged in an all-out, last-ditch effort to shield themselves from blame for what they predict will be rate increases on policies they must unveil this spring to comply with President Obama’s health-care law.

Insurers point to several reasons that premiums will rise. They will soon be required to offer more-comprehensive coverage than many currently provide. Also, their costs will increase because they will be barred from rejecting the sick, and they will no longer be allowed to charge older customers sharply higher premiums than younger ones.

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Look, if you don’t know much about Obamacare but tend to support it because you are under the impression that it helps people, please understand that it doesn’t do anything of the sort. It is a terrible, unconstitutional (regardless of what a few activist judges say) law that will, by necessity, be an albatross around the neck of the American taxpayer and economy at large. It will raise the price of premiums sharply. It is the largest tax increase in history and it will destroy the greatest health care system in the world. It gives the federal government unprecedented access to your personal health records and medical information. It will create doctor shortages like we’ve never seen in the United States. Because of this law, for the first time in the history of the United States, the federal government can force you to purchase something that you might not want to purchase. It introduces more new regulations than any single US law ever written, and it requires more than 30,000 new IRS agents to make sure that these regulations are followed. It compounds the problems associated with the fact that patients do not pay their doctor bills directly. It doesn’t address frivolous lawsuits, perhaps the main cause of the skyrocketing price of doctor visits. In short, it will turn every hospital into the DMV.

We must repeal this law. We have no hope of a prosperous future if we don’t.

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