Van Jones falls for the worst Photoshop in history in effort to smear Fox News


He’s supposed to be one of the left’s wunderkinds, but Van Jones just fell for an obviously Photoshopped image, trying to use it to smear Fox News.

As you can clearly see, the above image from Jone’s twitter account has a clearly superimposed headline below the anchor.  

Twitchy did some digging and managed to figure out that the original image used is from a 2011 segment about Sarah Palin:


Pro-tip for Van Jones.  Google has a little feature called “search by image” which you can use to find visually similar images.  This could have saved you a lot of humiliation! 

Then again, Van Jones is a Communist radical and a 9-11 truther.  It’s not like he had much dignity to begin with. 

As Bugs Bunny would say…

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