Matt Drudge calls CNN what it is: leftist tabloid trash

This week, viewers got a look into the heart and soul of CNN when they stupidly asked their viewers, was Marco Rubio’s sip of water a “career ender?"  You can’t come up with a more manufactured controversy than that.  

Many Americans have long held up CNN as the gold standard for cable news, but the truth is that CNN is increasingly in a race with MSNBC towards the far left.  Some of CNN’s main “talent” include left wing hacks like Wolf Blitzer (who gave you the Rubio clip above), Pierce Morgan (the shrill Briton who is the king of phony outrage), and Solidad O’Brein (who actually reads from left wing blogs on the air). 

All of this prompted Matt Drudge (who runs the Drudge Report) to take to twitter and make a few observations about CNN and the state of cable news:

Left-wing tabloid trash is exactly right. CNN is increasingly the worst of the worst.  

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