VIDEO: “Colored students only” - Colorado elementary school bans white students from after school tutoring

An elementary school in Colorado recently outraged parents when it began offering "colored students only" after school tutoring.  Initially, when questioned about it, school principal Andre Pearson told one parent…

“It’s focused for and designed for children of color, but certainly, if we have space for other kids who have needs, we can definitely meet those needs.”

School district officials quickly changed the policy that banned white students from participating and blamed the issue on Principal Andre Pearson.  Pearson, who is black, has since issued an apology on the school’s website, but he still has his job after instituting a blatantly racist policy in his school.

here’s video of the local news report:

Adre Pearson should be fired immediately.  It’s not enough to apologize and pretend that you didn’t intentionally try to disenfranchise an entire group of your students population because of their skin color.  Had this been a white principle banning black students from a school program, he would have been fired immediately. 

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