In the US more people die every year in fist fights than from rifles


It seems the United States has an “assault fists” problem and should ban hands immediately! Although the White House and news media would like for you to believe that our country faces a serious “assault rifle” problem, it isn’t at all true.  

Each year, more Americans die in fist fights than from rifle shots. 

Here’s some statistics from the FBI from 2011 (the most recent year with available records):

  • Homicides from rifles of any kind: 323
  • Homicides from handguns: 6,220
  • Homicides from knives: 1,694
  • Homicides from blunt objects: 496
  • Homicides from “personal weapons” (fists, feet, etc): 728 

While it’s true that most homicides are committed with guns, it’s not “assault rifles” that people need to be worried about, and politicians fixation on them are purely an attempt to get a claw hold on the 2nd Amendment.  The reality is that gun violence has actually gone down in recent years, even as states like Virginia have relaxed their gun laws. 

Democrats want you to believe that so-called “assault rifles” pose an imminent threat to you, but the truth is you’re more likely to be killed with a knife or a fist. 

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