College Park Georgia proves that gun buybacks don’t work


Want to make some cash?  Just head on down to any gun shop and get yourself a $100 .22 rifle and then go sell it to the liberal goofs running College Park, Georgia for $150.  

from Neighbor Newspapers:

College Park City Councilman Joe Carn had a hard time taking his eyes off the three tables filled with shotguns, pistols and other firearms spread out before him in the College Park City Auditorium.

In less than six hours last Saturday, College Park residents turned in, for cash reimbursement by the city, more than 172 weapons as part of College Park’s first gun buy-back program.

However, this firearms arsenal would have surely almost doubled if the $20,000 the city had allotted for the program had not been completely depleted within hours of the official opening of the buy-back program.

However, another result of the program almost assured that a second gun buy-back program will be held, once funding is secured and in place.

“We ran out of funding for this program and had to close it down,” Carn said. 

“However, we still had more than a hundred people still waiting in line to turn in their guns,” he added.

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So, the College Park gun buyback program cost the town $20,000 and what did they get in return? Fewer than 200 guns, most likely worth a lot less than $200.  Did the program succeed in getting guns off the streets of College Park?  Nope.  Did it reduce gun violence in the city? Not likely.  Did it cost the taxpayers a lot of money? Yes indeed!

Gun buybacks don’t work.  But if my city decides to host one, I’ll gladly sell them a worthless rifle for $150.  

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