What a joke! Atlantic magazine calls Nanny Bloomberg “tireless champion of civil liberties”

To a liberal, up is down, left is right, and the most ban-happy, choice-hating politician in the country is a “tireless champion of civil liberties.” We’ve reported extensively Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s never-sleeping Nanny State which has now banned everything from guns to large sodas to trans fats to styrofoam cups.  He recently even proposed a ban on hospitals giving their patients pain killers

I’m not going to bother quoting the article because it’s mostly just liberal drivel, but if you really feel like throwing up in your mouth, just head on over to the Atlantic’s website and read it for yourself

The Atlantic brushes over Bloomberg’s bloated nanny state, saying that his focus on gay, lesbian, and transgender liberties is far more important.   The article lauds praise on Bloomberg for defending the First Amendment while completely ignoring his all out assault on the Second. Bloomberg has an entire Super-Pac that is devoted to nothing but advancing a gun-control agenda!

See, this is not what it means to be a “tireless champion of civil liberties.” You can’t pick the liberties you like for certain groups of people and champion those, all while attacking the liberties of the groups you don’t like.  That’s another L-word: liberalism.

Liberty is not about implementing more government, especially not when that government is the massive bureaucracy that is New York City. It’s about getting government out of the way.

Michael Bloomberg is not a champion of liberty of any kind.  He’s a champion of government intrusion. 

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