Obama: People will DIE if Congress doesn’t agree to avoid the sequestration cuts that I proposed


Obama’s fear-mongering is in full swing over the sequestration budget cuts that were his White House’s idea in the first place. In one of the biggest flip flops you’ll ever see, the President is now claiming that people will actually die if Congress doesn’t agree to get rid of the thing that he came up with as an “enforcement mechanism.”

from Washington Times:

The White House on Sunday stepped up pressure on Republicans to adopt a short-term budget patch that would cancel the $85 billion in spending “sequesters” due on March 1, saying that government spending is still needed to prop up a stubbornly sluggish economy.

Late last week, White House officials laid out a list of potential cuts they would have to make if the sequesters aren’t averted, saying they’d be forced to kick children out of the Head Start education program and cut federal loans to small businesses. The officials even warned that more American workers could die as a result of furloughs for occupational safety inspectors.

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So, here’s an idea.  Let’s just use this as an opportunity to get rid of all of Obama’s bad ideas.  We’ll get rid of the sequestration if we can also get rid of Obamacare, the stimulus law, and pretty much every other bill Obama has signed.  

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