Ohio Governor John Kasich: a tax-happy, liberal RINO

The liberal media calls him a “conservative Republican” but don’t you believe it. Ohio Governor John Kasich is an Obama appeasing, tax crazy RINO, and the citizens of Ohio need to watch out.

This past week we reported here at Poor Richard’s News that Kasich was preparing to cave in to Obama and implement a massive expansion of Ohio’s medicare program under Obamacare.  

Now Kasich is taking his RINOism a giant step even further and planning to expand Ohio’s sales tax to include a giant list of transactions that have previously been exempt.

from the Columbus Dispatch:

The taxman is coming after your magazines, your downloaded music and movies, your parking garage — even your funeral if Gov. John Kasich gets his way.

In response to a request from The Dispatch and others, the state yesterday released its most-comprehensive list yet of what would be included in Kasich’s proposed expansion of the state sales tax. Essentially, the tax would be assessed on all but about 40 of types of economic activity.

Items on the exempt list generally are related to health care, education and housing, such as utilities, rent and remodeling. But also remaining exempt are “personal instruction” in golf, dance and similar activities; day care; local bus fares; veterinary services for livestock; repairs to commercial fishing vessels; and various industrial and mining services.

But the scope of the new tax is broad: bank service charges; overnight trailer parks; bowling alleys and billiard parlors; hunting and fishing guides; pari-mutuel racing events; and admission to museums, amusement parks, circuses, fairs, concerts and sporting events that don’t involve an educational institution.

While Kasich wants to cut the state sales-tax rate from 5.5 to 5 percent starting in September, it would be applied so much more broadly that it would add roughly $1.8 billion a year.

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Did you catch that last part? Kasich wants to lower the tax rate by half a percent so that he can say he lowered taxes, while at the same time expanding Ohio’s power to tax everything from your parking garage to your ATM machine to your coffin. That, my friends is a text-book definition of what it means to be a RINO - Republican in name only.

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