Sick: people begin building fan pages idolizing leftist killer cop Chris Dorner

He’s an insane leftist, a cop turned serial killer, and now he’s got thousands of fans.  This world is sick.

from CBS Sacramento:

It’s hard to believe but there are those out there who sympathize with the man targeting police officers.

One Facebook page is proclaiming Dorner for president. “We propose electing a man who could no longer sit idly by and watch as malicious tyrants abuse the innocent.”

The description on “We Are All Chris Dorner” chillingly says, “Yes, this is war.”

Nearly 3,000 people like the page “I Support Christopher Jordan Dorner.”

CBS13 posted a simple question: Why? Why support a man wanted for at least three killings and the author of a murderous manifesto promising to target cops?

One sympathizer wrote us, “Because something needs to be done about the long known corruption of not only the LAPD, but several agencies.”

Another comment read, “He is god for now and I support him and this page.”

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Somebody should compile of list of the sick people who support this killer and alert their employers.  

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