WATCH: Dr. Benjamin Carson tears into Obama’s policies to his face at National Prayer Breakfast


This is one of the most amazing displays of bravery and political skill that I have seen in a long time.  Dr. Benjamin Carlson, who is a pediatric neuro-surgeon at Johns Hopkins, spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast.  He used the opportunity to rip President Obama’s policies to shreds.

He starts out gently, and President Obama laughs and smiles.  But then it gets serious, and all Obama can do is sit there.

here’s the video (it’s long but it’s worth it):

He manages to get almost 15 minutes in before Obama realizes he’s being broadsided.  Michelle Obama claps and applauds! Obama smiles and laughs…and then it hits him when Dr. Carson lays into the $16.5 Trillion debt, progressive taxation, and Obamacare…

Note that Obama does not get up to shake his hand at the end. 

Watch this one.  Pass it along to your friends.  It’s worth it. 

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