Absurd: Florida judge approves birth certificate with THREE parents

We told you this was coming, and here it is. We’re not talking about adoption papers, we’re talking about a BIRTH certificate, which now includes 3 parents: one mother, one father, and one person who didn’t have anything to do with anything.

from NBC News:

 A Florida judge has approved the adoption of a 22-month-old baby girl that will list three people as parents on her birth certificate — a married lesbian couple and a gay man.

The decision ends a two-year paternity fight between the couple and a friend of the women who donated his sperm to father the child but later sought a larger role in the girl’s life.

The ruling means the child’s birth certificate will include a biological father and both women as parents in an unusual arrangement approved recently by a Miami-Dade Circuit Court judge.

The women, Maria Italiano, 43, and Cher Filippazzo, 38, had made several unsuccessful attempts to become parents using fertility clinics.

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I’m not necessarily posting this to have the debate about gay adoption. That’s perhaps a discussion for another day.

I’m just flabbergasted at the stupidity of a judge that would allow a birth certificate to essentially be rendered meaningless by adding a third, completely irrelevant, name to it.  

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