Democrat Rep Conyers: Don’t say “illegal immigrant.” They’re “out of status” American citizens

Democrat John Conyers is one of those gifts that just keeps on giving.  If you’re looking for a poster child of Democrat absurdity, he’s a strong contender. 

Take, for example, his comments in an immigration hearing, where he wanted to make sure nobody used the phrase “illegal immigrant.”  No, that would be too terrible.  They’re just “out of status” American citizens.

here’s the video:

“I hope no one uses the term ‘illegal immigrants’ here today. Our citizens are, the people in this country are not illegal, they are out of status, they are new Americans that are immigrants, and I think that we can forge a path to citizenship that will be able to pass muster.”

By this mushy logic, I could simply forgo renewing my drivers license.  I wouldn’t be an “illegal driver.”  I’d just be an “out of status” driver.  Who needs a medical license?  Not me! I’m just an “out of status” physician!  

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