Google has unfairly disabled the Poor Richard’s News AdSense account


Above is a screencap of the email I received yesterday from Google, informing me that they’ve disabled the AdSense account for Poor Richard’s News.  As you can see, no explanation is given other than a very vague “we have detected invalid activity.” 

I believe this cancelation to be completely unfair, as the writers at Poor Richard’s News have always abided by all of the terms of service for AdSense. We have never clicked our own ads. We have never asked any of our readers to click our ads nor employed any service to generate clicks for the site.  Our content is family friendly, and the traffic to the site is almost entirely driven by social media. 

Here are my three best guesses as to why our AdSense account was suspended:

  • There have been two occasions recently on which we received a large number of hits from Russia, but I have no idea why. At the time, an overzealous fan of the site sent me an email saying he wanted to “promote” the site.  I did not in any way encourage him or compensate him to do so.  I have since reached out to him and asked him to stop “helping” but have heard no response from him.  These two events were isolated and completely out of my control. No one working for this site violated the AdSense terms of use in any way. 
  • Secondly, and more ominously, there is a chance that Google doesn’t appreciate the conservative content of our blog.  I have seen other instances of Google shutting off conservative bloggers hosted at their own Blogger service.  If they’re willing to silence the speech of those they disagree with on their blogging service, it’s not such a stretch to think that they would disable our AdSense account for political reasons. 
  • Thirdly, there is also a chance that a disgruntled liberal reader flagged us and reported the site for “inappropriate content.”  This, of course, would be entirely false, but again there have certainly been other instances of liberals coordinating an attack on an account. I have seen plenty of Twitter accounts taken down by false reports as well as several Blogger accounts. 

Needless to say, Poor Richard’s News is appealing the suspension with Google, but this could take several weeks and there’s no guarantee that our account will be reinstated.  In the mean time, the site isn’t generating any income.  For this reason, we are asking our readers to help if you can by donating to us. 


You can donate to the site by clicking here.   Even a small amount would be helpful.  

If you can’t donate at this time, please support us by reblogging or sharing our site with others on Facebook or Twitter.

As always the small staff here at Poor Richard’s News is incredibly thankful for our readers and their support.  We will continue to bring you conservative news regardless of the outcome of this situation.  

Many thanks,

Poor Richard

UPDATE:  Google has rejected my appeal to have our account re-instated.  This is very discouraging. 

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