Good News: Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu headed for re-election win

Stability in the Middle East largely depends on Israel’s ability to defend herself, and in recent years, there has been no stronger voice for Israel than PM Benjamin Netanyahu.  It appears he is headed to re-election victory.

from the Financial Times:

A monumental banner of Benjamin Netanyahu hanging on a bridge over a busy intersection in Tel Aviv shows the Israeli prime minister standing next to Jerusalem’s Western Wall with the slogan: “A strong Netanyahu, a strong government.”

In the campaign leading up to Tuesday’s election, the forceful leader has presented himself as a bulwark of Zionist values and the sole guarantor of security in a region dangerously roiled by the Arab spring.

“I always keep a map with me at my office to remind me of where we live,” Mr Netanyahu said in an interview published on Friday that ran alongside a photo of him pointing to a large colour map of the Middle East.
Two polls published on Friday showed Mr Netanyahu’s rightwing Likud Beiteinu bloc on course to form Israel’s next government as the largest party by far, with 32 seats in the 120-seat Knesset. If they are correct, the 63-year-old will become Israel’s longest-serving prime minister since David Ben-Gurion, its founding father.
No doubt, this will be a thorn in President Obama’s side.  Quite frankly, that’s just fine with me. 

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