Nanny Bloomberg: “I don’t force anyone to do anything.” Even the liberal media mocks.

You know it’s bad when even a liberal media outlet begins mocking how bad the nanny state in New York has become. 

from Mediaite:

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder if NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is some brilliant parody of an oblivious yet sanctimonious politician.

On Wednesday afternoon, the city’s Nanny-in-Chief had the chutzpah (or “chootspah,” as Michele Bachmann would say) to claim that, as a politician, he does not “force anyone to do anything.”

Asked if he remembers the moment he became a crusader against illegal gun trafficking (one of his many causes), Bloomberg told reporters:

No, but I did get interested in public health a long time ago, as you know. And I think, as mayor, my responsibility is to do everything I can is to do everything I can to protect the health and safety and increase the longevity of the people that live in this city. As an American, and as a human being, I have a responsibility to not push, to not force anybody to do anything but to explain what I think and to educate people to the extent of what I believe that would be in their self-interest.

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This is the same Michael Bloomberg who has banned large sodas, banned trans-fats from restaurants, banned salty foods, banned smoking outdoors, banned smoking indoorsbanned food donations to homeless shelters, and banned hospitals from giving pain killers to patients in need. 

If you’ll kindly remember, during the “Big Gulp” debate, Bloomberg himself said "We’re simply forcing you to understand.”

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