Bob Woodward: Idea for budget sequestration originated in the White House, not Congress

Last night, President Obama again tried to defend his upcoming budget cuts to the military by blaming Congress for the budget sequestration.  Besides the fact that President Obama signed the bill law himself, there is another problem with his argument: it’s simply not true. 

Here’s page 326 of Bob Woodward’s (the Pulitzer winning journalist of Watergate fame) new book on the debt negotiations:

Here’s what Woodward told Politico today:

“What the president said is not correct,” Woodward told POLITICO Tuesday. “He’s mistaken. And it’s refuted by the people who work for him.”

In last night’s debate, the President made a huge tactical error by saying that the sequestration “will not happen,” giving Republicans in Congress a huge leg up in the upcoming budget negotiations. 

Remember, the Republican idea during the “debt ceiling crisis” negotiations was Cut, Cap, and Balance.  The sequestration was all Obama’s idea. 

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