Candy Crowley admits: Romney was right about Obama’s response to the Benghazi attacks

Tonight, Candy Crowley cemented herself as the worst debate moderator in history.  Time and time again, she came to President Obama’s rescue, giving him the last word on questions and not letting Romney respond to Obama’s jabs.  She allowed Obama to continuously interrupt Romney and talk over him.  In the end, Crowley gave the President almost an extra 4 minutes of speaking time.  At one point, she even told Romney to “sit down” to prevent him from answering a question. 

But the single worst moment in the entire debate was when Candy Crowley interjected herself into the discussion on Libya and did an impromptu fact check of Mitt Romney, telling him that he was wrong.  

After the debate, however, Crowley appeared on CNN and admitted that Romney was right about the Obama administration’s response on Benghazi: “He was right in the main. I just think he picked the wrong word.”

here’s the video of Crowley’s admission from CNN:

In the first place, what kind of “unbiased” debate moderator takes sides in a debate?  How then does she justify throwing the flag for Obama when she later admits Romney was right? Perhaps it wasn’t that she didn’t try to remain unbiased.  It’s just that she is at heart a liberal defender of President and has no business moderating a debate. 

The big loser in tonight’s debate?  Candy Crowley. 

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