Obama too busy campaigning to respond to Gov. Jindal’s request for more aid with Hurricane Isaac relief

During hurricane Katrina, the media and the left blamed President Bush for not responding in a timely manner, despite the fact that the Democrat governor of Louisiana, at the time, did not request Federal assistance until much later.

This time around, however, Republican governor Bobby Jindal has requested immediate response from the Federal government, and what is President Obama doing today?  Why, campaigning, of course! 

Here’s a frustrated tweet from Governor Jindal:

But at that time, President Obama was in Charlottesville, Virginia, too busy campaigning to fulfill his duties as President.

How ironic is it that Yahoo’s news chief was fired today for accusing Romney of “partying while black people drown" when President Obama is actually the one in charge of Federal disaster response?

It is worth noting that Governor Jindal was slated to speak to the RNC today, but is skipping his prime-time appearance in order to manage relief efforts in his state.  

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