Washington Times: Fast and Furious is Obama’s Watergate

I’ve always wondered why the Fast and Furious scandal wasn’t the lead story on literally every news outlet in the country. There was a murder and a cover-up, all because of politicians who were simply trying to push an agenda. The obvious reason for the lack of real coverage is that Obama is a liberal democrat in an election year and the media is going to bend over backwards to protect their man…just like last election cycle. But with the amount of information that we now know (thanks to alternative media), even the liberal, so-called mainstream media shouldn’t be able to squelch it much longer.

From the Washington Times:

A year ago this week, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered. He died protecting his country from brutal Mexican gangsters. Two AK-47 assault rifles were found at his death site. We now know the horrifying truth: Agent Terry was killed by weapons that were part of an illegal Obama administration operation to smuggle arms to the dangerous drug cartels. He was a victim of his own government. This is not only a major scandal; it is a high crime that potentially reaches all the way to the White House, implicating senior officials. It is President Obama’s Watergate.

Operation Fast and Furious was run by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and overseen by the Justice Department. It started under the leadership of Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. Fast and Furious enabled straw gun purchases from licensed dealers in Arizona, in which more than 2,000 weapons were smuggled to Mexican drug kingpins. ATF claims it was seeking to track the weapons as part of a larger crackdown on the growing violence in the Southwest. Instead, ATF effectively has armed murderous gangs. About 300 Mexicans have been killed by Fast and Furious weapons. More than 1,400 guns remain lost. Agent Terry likely will not be the last U.S. casualty.

Mr. Holder insists he was unaware of what took place until after media reports of the scandal appeared in early 2011. This is false. Such a vast operation only could have occurred with the full knowledge and consent of senior administration officials. Massive gun-running and smuggling is not carried out by low-level ATF bureaucrats unless there is authorization from the top. There is a systematic cover-up.

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It’s refreshing to see a mainstream news agency tell the truth about what is going on. Holder knew (as did Obama) about the program and sat idly by while a border patrol agent was killed with a weapon supplied to the bad buys by the US. Holder knew and it’s obvious to everyone. But I like what Rick Perry said in the debate last night:

"If I’m the president of the United States and I find out there is an operation like Fast and Furious, and I found out my attorney general didn’t know about it, I would have him resign immediately,"

He’s exactly right. Suppose that Holder is telling the truth. If he didn’t know that such a massive program was going on under his nose, despite 5 memos informing him of the activities, he should be fired for being negligent. Either way, Holder should be gone. But through all the lies and cover-ups, let’s not forget that someone was killed and Holder has blood on his hands.

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