Pay for Play: Obama campaign donor wins government contract to provide tax-subsidized Obama phones

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Who can forget the priceless video of the “Obama phone woman” from the 2012 election season?  Pure comedy gold!

However, behind the humor of the crazed Obama fan are some serious issues. One is, of course, the issue of government dependency and entitlements.  The other, however, is the rampant existence of cronyism in the Obama administration.  

Guess who just won the contract to provide Obamaphones to the public?  An Obama donor, of course.

from Washington Times:

A cellphone company whose top executive has close ties to President Obama lobbied for and won a piece of a major new government push to provide Internet service to low-income job-seekers, even though critics say the company’s smartphones are poorly suited to the task of helping those in the program find work.

The program’s supporters tout it as a way for the unemployed to learn technical skills, to prepare resumes and to search for jobs, but one of the 14 pilot contracts that the FCC awarded went to Miami-based TracFone Wireless Inc.

TracFone CEO F.J. Pollak has been a frequent White House visitor and his wife Abigail has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for both Mr. Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns.

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This is the second story of pay-for-play corruption in the Obama administration that I’ve posted in the last hour!