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Marco Rubio joins with Democrats to push bill for college rape kangaroo courts, depriving the accused of due process

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I honestly don’t understand Marco Rubio. There are flashes of brilliance from him, especially when he articulates the principles of Conservatism. However, I’m afraid Rubio’s Conservatism isn’t anchored in unwavering faithfulness to the Constitution or individual liberties because sometimes he goes completely off the rails. This is one of those times. Marco Rubio has joined with Democrats, co-sponsoring a bill that would legitimize kangaroo courts on college campuses for rape victims, stacking all the odds in the favor of the accuser and giving the accused very little due process.

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Obama gun control executive order compromises doctor-patient confidentiality for “mental health” issues

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Once again, President Obama is circumventing Congress and the Constitution by issuing decrees and implementing them as if they are law. This time, he’s going after a fundamental civil right protected by the Constitution: our right to keep and bear arms. Much of the media focus on Obama’s executive orders thus far has been on the background checks provisions that would require private sellers of even a single firearm to register with the Federal Government as a “firearms dealer” and conduct a background check on the buyer (even if that buyer is a family member). However, Obama is also prepping an executive order that essentially crushes doctor-patient confidentiality for mental health patients.

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Obama scheming with DOJ to circumvent 2nd Amendment via executive order

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According to reports, Obama will be meeting with the DOJ and its team of Ivy League-educated team of lawyers today in order to figure out a plan on how to circumvent the Bill of Rights all while making America less safe. From CNN: President Barack Obama will meet Monday with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to discuss options for tougher gun restrictions and is expected to …

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Oregon State University to hold racially-segregated ‘Social Justice Retreats’

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According to a report, Oregon State University is planning on racially segregating so-called “social justice retreats”. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. From the DC: Oregon State University will hold four racially-exclusive “Social Justice Retreats” focusing on “white privilege,” “microaggressions,” and “institutional racism” in the first month of 2016 alone. During the weekend of January 8-10, the university will …

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Governor Cuomo signs order forcing everyone to come inside when it’s cold

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In the interest of full disclosure, what he’s ostensibly trying to do is get homeless people off the streets when it’s freezing outside. I get it. But coercing people to go inside when it’s cold is not only stupid, but it’s unconstitutional. From CSM: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order Sunday requiring homeless people throughout the state to …

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In case you haven’t heard, a militia has taken over an Oregon wildlife refuge center

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In case you haven’t heard, there’s a little bit of righteous civil disobedience happening in Oregon right now. From the Washington Examiner: Three of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s sons and what they claim are 150 militia members have occupied a federal building in eastern Oregon in order to keep two local ranchers out of prison, according to local reports. The group …

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Government theft through ‘Civil Asset Forfeiture’ exceeds that of private burglary

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  This story somehow managed to slip through the cracks on us. It’s about a month old at this point. According to data compiled by the Institute for Justice and the FBI, law enforcement officers took more money from people via civil asset forfeiture, than burglars did. From WaPo: Here’s an interesting factoid about contemporary policing: In 2014, for the first …

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Yet another homeowner shoots, kills intruder

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This is obviously a made-up story because this never ever ever happens. Ever. From News 13: A 24-year-old man was shot and killed after he unlawfully entered a Lakeland home Friday morning, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. It happened around 6:30 a.m. at a home on Chestnut Hills Drive. Deputies said Chevez Antwann Faison entered the home and …

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Federal Government study: Minimum wage raises unemployment

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It’s always fun to hear people argue in favor of raising the minimum wage in spite of the overwhelming economic evidence that shows how detrimental it is to the poor. It literally makes poverty worse. From …Some new strategies in recent studies have also found generally stronger evidence of job loss for low-skilled workers. For example, Clemens and Wither …

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MSNBC’s most ridiculous moments in 2015

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Washington Free Beacon has compiled a montage of MSNBC’s most ridiculous moments from 2015 and it’s pretty great. Honestly, I’m glad it wasn’t my responsibility to sift through countless hours of MSNBC drivel and subjectively determine the most outlandish, ridiculous, and in some cases, perhaps literally insane nonsense uttered on the flailing network, but I’m thankful that someone did it. Anyhow, without further …

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Happy New Year from Poor Richard’s News!

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If you need us, we’ll be eating mustard greens and watching college football. In other words, try not to need us. Until we get back on track, enjoy this news dump: Time Magazine is a little confused about North Pole temperatures. More than 1,200 Clinton emails now deemed classified. Obama to start some unconstitutional gun-grabbing next week. Hows about some work …