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Governor Cuomo signs order forcing everyone to come inside when it’s cold

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In the interest of full disclosure, what he’s ostensibly trying to do is get homeless people off the streets when it’s freezing outside. I get it. But coercing people to go inside when it’s cold is not only stupid, but it’s unconstitutional. From CSM: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order Sunday requiring homeless people throughout the state to …

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In case you haven’t heard, a militia has taken over an Oregon wildlife refuge center

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In case you haven’t heard, there’s a little bit of righteous civil disobedience happening in Oregon right now. From the Washington Examiner: Three of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s sons and what they claim are 150 militia members have occupied a federal building in eastern Oregon in order to keep two local ranchers out of prison, according to local reports. The group …

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Government theft through ‘Civil Asset Forfeiture’ exceeds that of private burglary

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  This story somehow managed to slip through the cracks on us. It’s about a month old at this point. According to data compiled by the Institute for Justice and the FBI, law enforcement officers took more money from people via civil asset forfeiture, than burglars did. From WaPo: Here’s an interesting factoid about contemporary policing: In 2014, for the first …

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Yet another homeowner shoots, kills intruder

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This is obviously a made-up story because this never ever ever happens. Ever. From News 13: A 24-year-old man was shot and killed after he unlawfully entered a Lakeland home Friday morning, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. It happened around 6:30 a.m. at a home on Chestnut Hills Drive. Deputies said Chevez Antwann Faison entered the home and …

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Federal Government study: Minimum wage raises unemployment

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It’s always fun to hear people argue in favor of raising the minimum wage in spite of the overwhelming economic evidence that shows how detrimental it is to the poor. It literally makes poverty worse. From …Some new strategies in recent studies have also found generally stronger evidence of job loss for low-skilled workers. For example, Clemens and Wither …

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MSNBC’s most ridiculous moments in 2015

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Washington Free Beacon has compiled a montage of MSNBC’s most ridiculous moments from 2015 and it’s pretty great. Honestly, I’m glad it wasn’t my responsibility to sift through countless hours of MSNBC drivel and subjectively determine the most outlandish, ridiculous, and in some cases, perhaps literally insane nonsense uttered on the flailing network, but I’m thankful that someone did it. Anyhow, without further …

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Happy New Year from Poor Richard’s News!

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If you need us, we’ll be eating mustard greens and watching college football. In other words, try not to need us. Until we get back on track, enjoy this news dump: Time Magazine is a little confused about North Pole temperatures. More than 1,200 Clinton emails now deemed classified. Obama to start some unconstitutional gun-grabbing next week. Hows about some work …

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Hate Crime Hoax: Christmas Day Mosque fire set by devout Muslim Mosque attendee; Salon Scrubs

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A Houston Mosque was torched on Christmas Day, evidently by a regular attendee of the Mosque. From (h/t: WZ) A Houston man has been arrested in connection with a suspected arson at a mosque on Christmas Day, but the motive for the crime remains a mystery, with the suspect maintaining he was a regular at the mosque. A spokeswoman …

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Virginia GOP to governor: You don’t like guns? How about we take away your security detail?

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We recently told you about the Virginia governor’s unconstitutional action to remove firearm reciprocity to dozens of states. Well, some of his liberty-loving political opponents might require him to put his money where his mouth is. From Bearing Arms: Virginia’s radically anti-gun Governor and Attorney General were probably quite pleased with themselves when they spitefully severed concealed carry agreements with …

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EPA sends 185 Americans to jail for ‘environmental crimes’, jails no one for massive EPA spill

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The government doesn’t want any competition in destroying the environment. From The DC: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enforcers helped convict 185 Americans of environmental crimes this year, with each of these eco-convicts getting sentenced to eight months in prison on average for crimes ranging from biofuel fraud to illegally removing asbestos. …Every year, EPA agents help put dozens of Americans in …

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Surprise! Walmart announces 10% decline in earnings after caving to pressure to raise minimum wage of employees

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This is what happens when you follow the advice of people who don’t understand economics. Walmart is suffering the consequences of raising the starting pay-rate of their employees, after much ballyhoo from protestors (mostly from outside Walmart’s employees) and liberal media outlets. For those of you who find yourself among the economically illiterate and can’t understand why this is a bad thing—it means that Walmart will be less able to open new stores or hire new employees and will likely be forced to lay off some of the employees who “benefitted” from this foolishness. It’s a lose-lose for everyone.