Updated list of 29 excuses for the 18 year ‘pause’ in global warming

We recently reported how climate scientists have badly missed the mark on global warming predictions, as we’ve not had any warming in nearly 18 years. Well here is a comprehensive list of excuses climate “scientists” are giving as to why they were so terribly wrong. Here are a few. Click through for all 29.

1) Low solar activity 

2) Oceans ate the global warming [debunked]

3) Chinese coal use [debunked]

4) Montreal Protocol 

5) What ‘pause’? [debunked]

6) Volcanic aerosols [debunked]

7) Stratospheric Water Vapor 

8) Faster Pacific trade winds [debunked]

9) Stadium Waves

10) ‘Coincidence!’

Ruling: Denver gay bar discriminated against man dressed as woman

Oh man. This has got to be a nightmare of a case for unprincipled leftists (and they’re all unprincipled). What happens when a gay bar prevents a man in drag from entering? That’s quite a quandary.

From The Denver Post:

Colorado regulators say a well-known Denver gay bar discriminated against a gay man last year by denying him entry while dressed in drag, also finding the bar has a history of discriminating against women and effeminate men.

The ruling from the Civil Rights Division at the state’s Department of Regulatory Agencies adds some weight to the balance scales between anti-discrimination and liquor laws that bar owners must consider for screening patrons.

"It is a really nuanced, interesting case," said Pete Meersman, president and CEO of the Colorado Restaurant Association. "It seems to me that you are between a rock and a hard place."

An investigation by DORA’s division of civil rights found the bar violated Vito Marzano’s right to public accommodations on Aug. 31, 2013, when it turned him away because of his appearance, according to the document.

"The law is new and developing. I think you will see more cases that are consistent with this ruling," said Darold Killmer, a Denver-based civil rights lawyer. "I think this was a courageous decision, but a correct decision by the Civil Rights Division."

DORA is ordering The Wrangler, a high-profile uptown gay bar, to go through mediation with Marzano, according to the document obtained by The Denver Post on Monday.

Marzano, 27, showed up at the bar wearing a dress, a wig, makeup and high heels after attending a drag show. The bouncer refused to let him in, saying he could not verify that Marzano’s identity matched his identification card.

The bar claims its employees have a responsibility to not serve alcohol to people under 21 and must apply a strict identification process to do so.

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First, you have a law requiring any establishment that serves alcohol to verify that every person who enters is old enough to drink. Then there’s the law that prevents discrimination (Remember how the left celebrated that in the same city?). So what happens when these laws conflict with one another…especially when the offender is —  parish the thought — gay? If you listen closely, you can actually hear the heads of statists popping. After all, this is big government vs. big government.

I have an idea. We could celebrate liberty and just allow people and businesses to do whatever they want. That would also work, right?

IRONY: Michelle Obama says, “No one really cares what you had for lunch.”

The Nanny of school lunch apparently didn’t see the irony in her statement yesterday.

from CNS:

First lady Michelle Obama said something Wednesday that seems preposterously ironic to many American school kids: “No one really cares what you had for lunch.”

"I tease my kids," Michelle Obama said at a White House event on women’s empowerment with Laura Bush. "I tell them I want them to use Instagram to take a picture of something really important rather than their food… I mean, no one really cares what you had for lunch." The audience laughed.

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Nobody cares…except for Michelle, the tyrant of school lunches.

Feds to Spend $194K to Study Skill-Building for Male Sex Workers in Peru

Democrats keep claiming that there’s nothing left to cut in the Federal budget.  How laughable that is!

The federal government has awarded the University of California Los Angeles $193,989 in taxpayer funds to study skill-building as HIV prevention for male sex workers in Peru.

The grant was issued by the National Institute of Mental Health, a part of the National Institutes of Health, and proposes “a pilot study for a group that has been neglected in the Peruvian HIV epidemic, namely male sex workers (fletes).”

Men having sex with men in Peru have a “high burden of HIV” at 10 to 15 percent, compared to male sex workers, who have a 23 percent prevalence, researchers found.

According to the grant, recent HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) research in Peru has focused on “possible bridge populations” that include: heterosexually identified men, male sex partners of pregnant women, male clients of female sex workers, and men who have sex with men and women.

“However, there has been limited epidemiologic research and no prevention research focusing on fletes,” the grant said.

WaPo Hit Tim Huelskamp For Claiming Obamacare Was Increasing Kansas Uninsured — But He Was Right

Don’t you love it when unbiased newspapers trash someone for lying about something, only to find out that that person didn’t lie in the first place? Yeah. Good times.

Washington Post “Fact Checker” Glenn Kessler and other liberal pundits lambasted Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp earlier this year for claiming Obamacare had left more Kansans uninsured — but it turns out he was right.

Kessler awarded Huelskamp four ‘Pinocchios’ for claiming twice at town halls in his home state that it appeared that the number of uninsured Kansans was rising.

“It’s hard to get accurate numbers on anything,” Huelskamp said in April. “But the number we see today is that — as I understand them — we believe there are more people uninsured today in Kansas than there were before the president’s health-care plan went into effect.”

Kessler looked at new sign-ups on the federal exchange, assuming that at least some would be previously uninsured; assumed some new Medicaid sign-ups coming out of the woodwork, as Kansas didn’t expand the program; and ruled out plan cancellations because Kansas accepted the Obama administration’s extension for non-compliant plans.

His conclusion? “In other words, even that dog won’t hunt.”

Several months later, Huelskamp’s been proved right. According to a Gallup survey out Tuesday, Kansas had the highest jump in the uninsured population of any state — 5.1 percent.

'The American People Don't Want Me Just Standing Around'

Ummm…..this American does. I know that it seems that all he does is party and play golf, but unfortunately, it’s not. America would be much better off if that were true.

President Barack Obama during a press conference at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit on Wednesday defended his use of executive power as a means to bypass gridlock in Congress.

"The American people don’t want me just standing around twiddling my thumbs and waiting for Congress to get something done," Obama said.

The president repeatedly indicated he would prefer to work with Congress to find legislative solutions on a slew of issues including funding for federal infrastructure projects and the border crisis. However, in the face of what he described as “dysfunction” in Congress, Obama said he would “scour our authority to try to make progress” within the bounds of the law.

"I’m going to seize those opportunities, and that’s what I think the American people expect me to do," Obama said.

Gun store owner in South Carolina has his bank account closed in Operation Choke Point

We have been following the Obama administration’s punishment of legal businesses that don’t line up with their progressive politics.  One such example is Operation Choke Point, a Justice Department program that pressures banks to close the accounts belonging to certain types of businesses including gun stores.

from Daily Caller:

A South Carolina pawn shop owner who sells guns, guitars and an array of other items says that his bank forced him to close his accounts, and he thinks it is because of the weapons.

Morris Williams, who owns Inman Gun and Pawn, says he thought his relationship with SunTrust Bank was fine — “excellent” in fact.

“We have ample funds in the account to do anything we needed to do,” Williams told Fox Carolina, adding that he thought “everything was just wonderful.”

But then the bank sent him a letter.

“Under the Rules and Regulations for Deposit Accounts, and as a result of our recent decision, we must ask you to close the below listed SunTrust accounts,” the letter reads.

Williams, who opened up two checking accounts with SunTrust in 2006, was given little explanation for the bank’s sudden decision.

“The only thing that they will tell us is that we have been deemed a prohibited business type,” he told Fox Carolina, adding that he believes his shop was targeted by the federal government because he sells guns.

Williams wouldn’t be the first to make such a claim. Lawmakers and consumer advocacy groups have blamed a Department of Justice initiative called Operation Choke Point for pressuring banks to cut off relationships with customers like Williams.

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The Justice Department does not have this kind of Constitutional authority.  They are asserting force over businesses that are fully compliant with the law in order to push a political agenda.  This is pure bureaucratic tyranny. 

GAO: Obama admin has failed to report $619 BILLION in spending. Where did the money go?

How do you lose $619 billion?  That’s exactly the question we should be asking after the Government Accountability Officer revealed that there is $619 billion missing from the Obama administration spending reports. 

from Blaze:

It’s the federal website intended to provide transparency about how your tax dollars are being spent, but the information for public consumption is inaccurate, according to a report by the Government Accountability Office.

The website, USASpending.gov, is missing at least $619 billion from 302 federal programs, according to the GAO.

The website began under the Obama administration.

The White House did not report any of the programs it was directly responsible for reporting to USASpending.gov.

The White House Office of National Drug Policy told auditors they believed that the Department of Health and Human Services was responsible for reporting the information.

The audit says that only between 2 percent and 7 percent of the information is “fully consistent with agency records,” USA Today reports.

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Is it even possible to misplace a billion dollars?  What about $619 billion?  I submit that you cannot simply lose an amount that large. That money is being spent somewhere, and there needs to be a special investigation to find out where it’s going.  It is being funneled to somebody the Obama administration doesn’t want anybody to know about, and we should be gravely concerned about that. 

Cop to citizen journalist: If Obama doesn’t follow the Constitution, I won’t either

Talk about using somebody else’s bad behavior to justify your own.  This cop from New Jersey openly abuses power and blames it on Obama.

Here’s the video:

from Blaze:

The cop’s shocking comments came as Wronko repeatedly cited his First Amendment rights, saying the amendment permits him to video record in a public building without being suspected of committing a crime. He brought up various case case law while trying to convince the officer on the issue.

“Obama has decimated the friggin’ Constitution, so I don’t give a damn,” Officer Recine said. “Because if he doesn’t have to follow the Constitution, we don’t have to.”

“Did you get that?!” the stunned man asked the young teen reportedly recording the conversation.

“That’s the law of the land, you have to follow it,” Wronko told the cop.

“Then you tell [Obama] that,” Recine replies.

Later in the video, Police Director Robert Manney shows up and tells Wronko that he will have to leave if he’s being disruptive. He also heard telling Wronko that he is required to tell police what he is doing inside a public building.

Wronko was escorted out of the building a short time later.

“Either get out, or you’re going to get locked up,” Manney is heard saying.

However, upon learning about one of his officer’s comments about the Constitution, Manney said on Wednesday that the comments were “uncalled for and unprofessional.” He also said an investigation should be concluded quickly because “the evidence is right there.”

“I’ve already spoken to that officer in regards to that. In my opinion, it’s an embarrassment,” Manney said, according to the Home News Tribune.

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What this incident shows is that this police officer only cares about the Constitution when it applies to other people’s power, not his own.  As soon as his authority is challenged, all his principles went out the window with a “He did it first” worthy of a 5 year old. He actually admits he “doesn’t give a damn” about the Constitution, and it’s obviously true.  Blaming Obama doesn’t in any way justify his behavior.

VIDEO: CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill laments Israel’s ability to defend against Hamas’s rockets

CNN’s Mark Lamont Hill is upset that Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense prevents them from being hit by Hamas’s rockets.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  A CNN contributor actually wants Israel to be more susceptible to attack from terrorists. 

He puts all kinds of hot pink lipstick on the pig, but it’s still a pig.

Here’s the video:

via Newsbusters:

But what the Iron Dome does is it also takes away all of Hamas’s military leverage which is very different than say, 10 years ago or 15 years ago in other wars like Lebanon, et cetera. As a result, it not only serves a defensive purpose but de facto serves an offensive purpose. It allows Israel to essentially assault and siege Gaza without any retribution or response on the other side. So again, to some extent, they are not just funding defense, they are funding an offensive war and ultimately an occupation. That for me, is the problem.

In short, it appears Hill objects to U.S. taxpayer funding of Iron Dome because it “serves an offensive purpose” by limiting the ability of the Islamist terror network Hamas to slaughter Israeli citizens in “retribution.” 

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So, civilian casualties are okay with Mark Lamont Hill…as long as it’s Israel’s civilians. 

Dems talk about impeachment 20 times as much as Republicans

As we have been saying, all the impeachment talk is just Democrats looking for a November election narrative other than their own failure. Don’t fall for all the noisemaking. 

Congressional Democrats have talked about the impeachment of President Obama 20 times more than Republicans have on the House and Senate floors. 

Since the start of the 113th Congress last year, Democrats have used the word “impeach” or “impeachment” regarding Obama 86 times, according to a review of the Congressional Record by The Hill.

Utterances on the floor from Republicans about impeaching Obama, in contrast, have been relatively rare. Only three Republicans in this Congress have raised the subject on the House floor, and the words have been used a total of four times by GOP members.

Most of the talk has come from House Democrats, with Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (Texas) alone using the words 18 times in two separate speeches late last month.

In the Senate, where the GOP hopes to retake a majority this fall, not a single Republican has mentioned impeachment on the floor over the last couple of years. 

The figures highlight how impeachment has been a hot topic for Democrats, and one most Republicans want to avoid.

The campaign arm for House Democrats raised $2.1 million in online donations over a single July weekend while talking up the possibility that Republicans would impeach Obama. 

Most Republicans have sought to avoid the topic, which they see as a lose-lose situation.

Border Agent: Confirmed gang members being released into US

For all the talk about “unaccompanied minors” at the US Southern border, very little has been mentioned from the Obama administration as to whether any of these “children” may already have gang affiliations and violent histories.  All indications from the ground imply that the largest percentage of minors are aged 15-17 and many of them may already have criminal histories. 

from National Review:

Teenage criminals and gang members from Central America have been using “a loophole” to stay in the country, border agent Chris Cabrera revealed. Under current policy, unaccompanied minors are allowed to stay in the country if they have family in the United States and say they have none in their home country, regardless of their background.

“Even if he is a confirmed gang member, a confirmed criminal, even by self-admission, we for some reason don’t send them back to their home country — we release them into our country,” Cabrera said.

Minors usually end up staying in the U.S. “nine times out of ten,” he added.

As a result, Cabrera said “morale is at an all-time low right now” because agents are “not allowed to do the job that they were hired to do.”

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Cities and towns along the border in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas already have a massive gang problem, and the Obama administrations open border policy has added gasoline to the fire.

Gaffetastic: Pelosi Also Thinks Africa Is a Country

First, Joe Biden claimed Africa was a country, now it’s Pelosi. Uh, hey guys, Africa isn’t a country.

For the second time in as many days, a prominent Democratic figure referred to the continent of Africa as a single country.

After Vice President Joe Biden encouraged “the nation of Africa” to “join the ranks of the world’s most prosperous nations” during his remarks at the United States-Africa Leaders Summit on Tuesday, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tweeted out her excitement to be part of the festivities.

Elizabeth Warren wants new law punishing businesses looking to leave US

US corporations face the highest corporate tax rate in the world: 39.1%. So it should come as no surprise that when they can no longer afford to be located here, they move overseas. Well, Fauxcahontas isn’t happy about that. She thinks that these companies should be more…er…patriotic. What’s her solution? Have Obama pass an unconstitutional executive order punishing them if they want to leave.

From The Blaze:

Democratic senators are calling for President Barack Obama to take executive action that would essentially increase the tax burden on many American companies. The White House isn’t ruling out a unilateral act, invoking the phrase “economic patriotism” to condemn companies that incorporate overseas.

However, when pressed if there were any other unpatriotic tax deductions, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said, “not that I’m aware of, but If you spot any, let me know.”

The letter was signed by Democratic Sens. Dick Durbin of Illinois, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Jack Reed of Rhode Island.

The Democratic senators said in the letter Tuesday that they have introduced the Stop Corporate Inversions Act.

“However, our efforts should not preclude executive action to prevent corporate inversions. The coming flood of corporate inversions justifies immediate executive action,” the letter said…

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Heaven forbid that a business try to maximize profits. That’s evil, I tell you. Evil.

Again, the United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. But rather than encourage her fellow lawmakers to lower corporate taxes (or eliminate them altogether, as they are already a double-tax), she wants the President, to pass an executive order, punishing businesses who don’t want 40% of their profits stolen from them. Now that’s what I call patriotism.