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Steven Crowder sets the naive “TERRORISM HAS NO RELIGION” narrative straight with the truth about Islamic Jihad

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In the face of France’s largest ever Islamic terrorist attack, the lobotomized politically correct mob is spreading the phrase “TERRORISM HAS NO RELIGION” around Twitter. The topic is trending worldwide. The only problem with this platitude is that it’s just not true. Steven Crowder explains…

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Missouri protesters upset that media attention suddenly swept away by Paris terror attacks

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If you weren’t already aware what kind of lowlifes the Mizzou protesters are, take a look at what’s happening on Twitter right now. Actually, no they’re not.  One centers on a spoiled rich kid and a poop smear.  The other involves the deaths of over 100 people. This kind of drivel just goes on and on and on.

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Bold student newspaper editorial board excoriates Claremont McKenna College president for caving to the intolerant demands of protestors

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I’m glad to see that there are still some college students out there who have brains. The editorial board of Claremont McKenna College’s student newspaper excoriated their school’s president for standing idly by as the entitled intolerance mob forced one of the college’s deans out of her job. And why? Because, according to student protestors, Dean Mary Spellman didn’t do enough to quell free speech and create a “safe space” on campus. I’m going to grab a larger chunk of of the editorial board’s scathing piece than I normally would because it’s very important…

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Student protestors at Amherst demand college president ban signs that say “All Lives Matter”

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The chickens are coming home to roost at colleges and universities all across the country. Where liberal academia have now for decades sown seeds of hatred for liberty and tolerance of other people’s beliefs, they are now reaping a harvest of mindless insanity from the most entitled generation our country has ever known. The protestors across the country are violently intolerant of free speech and differences of opinion. They’re also, more often than not, blatantly racist, as is the case at Amherst College. Students there are demanding that the college ban “free speech” signs, specifically those that say “All Lives Matter.”

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#Blacklivesmatter protestor assaults Conservative journalist, and he’s got it all on video

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I had no idea they were even still protesting in Ferguson MO, but last week Conservative journalist Adam Sharp was covering the protest for the excellent website Progressives Today when he was assaulted by #BlackLivesMatter goons who destroyed his camera. After the assault, the 30 protestors got together and told the police that Sharp threw the camera himself. Unfortunately for the protestors, Sharp was wearing a backup body camera.

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National debt spikes record $339 billion in one day after budget deal

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Remember the budget deal that Republican Mitch McConnell pushed through the Senate at 3 A.M.? Well, it turns out that it was the largest budget deal in history and our national debt is reflecting it. What’s a few hundred billion between friends? From the Washington Times: The federal government has piled up debt since the latest budget deal was signed …

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College student protest leader who demands free tuition, student debt eradication, and $15 minimum wage embarrasses herself on national TV

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I almost feel bad for this girl for how badly she embarrasses herself, but I don’t. Here’s why: she’s so mind-numbingly brainwashed with hatred for the evil 1% that she doesn’t even realized how idiotic she just looked on television. Neil Cavuto, to his credit, is so incredibly patient with this poor girl, trying desperately to speak in simple terms with easily understood math. Her response when faced with facts? “I don’t believe that.” Facepalm!