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Ted Cruz wins the all important anti-endorsement from slime rag New York Daily News

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If a paper as terrible as the New York Daily News comes out so viciously against a single candidate, that’s nothing short of a feather in that candidate’s cap. It seems the editors at the Daily News had an objection to Ted Cruz’s comments about Donald Trump’s “New York values,” and while Trump gave a fairly solid response to that line of attack during last night’s debate, here’ they show us exactly what Cruz meant. The New York Daily News is one of the most anti-liberty newspapers in the country, and if they hate Ted Cruz, that only makes me like him more.

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Houghton-Mifflin rep: “I hate kids…Common Core is about selling text books”

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In the education world, Common Core has produced massive market cronyism between all levels of government and big textbook publishers like Houghton-Mifflin. Houghton-Mifflin supported the passage of Common Core because the executives there knew they would receive contracts to produce Common Core-compliant text-books (books they would turn around and sell at hefty prices).

Project Veritas recently spoke to a sales account manager at Houghton-Mifflin who candidly admitted that, for her, Common Core has nothing to do with educating children. No, it’s all about money and book sales. The sales manager in this video has subsequently been fired by her employer.

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Ted Cruz’s latest ad: “I fought the United Nations and won”

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This ad from Ted Cruz is not only substantive, but it checks off several major major issues all at once. Illegal immigration, the United Nations, state sovereignty, and the authority of the US Constitution. The great thing about Ted Cruz is that he has actually lived the message he preaches, and I can’t think of a better way of campaigning than continuing to show just that.

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What bias? CBS executives say Nancy Drew actress may be “any ethnicity” but caucasian

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The left likes to lecture Americans for the sin of “cultural appropriation” at every possible occasion, whether that’s wearing a sombrero or eating the wrong kind of General Tso’s Chicken. But when it comes to iconic American fiction, cultural appropriation is just fine, as long as it’s the white characters being eliminated. CBS’s executives are determined to recast Nancy Drew as a minority…any minority…as long as she’s not white.