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NOAA: Deaths caused by severe weather at a 22-year low in 2014

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For all the media and political hand wringing over global warming killing people, especially when you hear liberal progressives talking about Volkswagen or Exxon, they have zero hard evidence to back it up. They point to studies based on rigged data or pure guesswork, but the reality is that the US has enjoyed a historic low number of weather-related deaths, something the global warming alarmists assured us would kill us all!

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Surprise! Speaker of the House Paul Ryan won’t commit to blocking Obama’s plan to bring thousands of Syrian migrants into the US

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Members of the Freedom Caucus have sounded the alarm that newly appointed Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will not commit to blocking the tens of thousands of Syrian migrants Obama plans to let into the US, even after it was confirmed that Syrian migrants played a major role in the Paris terror attack.

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France bombs ISIS stronghold of Raqqa

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According to reports, the French military has begun dropping bombs on the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa. From Sky News: French fighter jets have dropped 20 bombs on the Islamic State (IS) stronghold of Raqqa in northern Syria. The planes hit a jihadi recruitment centre, training camp and arms depot run by the extremist group, according to the French defence ministry. A …

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Some still baffled at why Paris’s strict gun control didn’t stop yet another bloody terror attack

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While the world watched the horrific events unfold in Paris on Friday, the usual questions were raised in regards to how to prevent this sort of senseless violence from happening in the future. And, as usual, the playbook of the ideologs on the progressive left had one page: More gun control (two pages if you include stopping global warming). The problem? France already had extremely oppressive gun …

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Just hours before Paris terror attack, Obama says ISIS “not gaining strength…we have them contained.”

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Once again, America, we are faced with a familiar conundrum: either Obama is lying through his teeth, or he’s dangerously naive. Just hours before Islamic jihadists murdered at least 132 people in Paris, Obama declared on Good Morning America that ISIS is not growing in strength and that the US “has them contained.”

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Greensboro NC police ask residents to turn in their guns and sign “nonviolence pledge”

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You know how the old saying goes, “A well-armed society is a polite one.” Well, apparently the memo didn’t get to Greensboro, North Carolina’s police chief. Police there are encouraging residents to voluntarily turn in their guns and sign a “non-violence pledge.” I’m sure Greensboro’s criminals are quite thankful that the police department is helping make their jobs easier.

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Bernie Sanders blames climate change for the growth of terrorism

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When he wasn’t busy using outdated statistics to blame the wealthiest 1% for all of America’s problems, Bernie Sanders was happy to drag out the Democrats other big boogeyman: climate change! Just one day after Islamic jihadists turned Paris into a war zone, Bernie Sanders stood up and blamed the growth of terrorism on climate change.

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During Democrat debate, Hillary Clinton invents phony gun violence statistics out of thin air

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Not that Democrats or the mainstream press will care that Hillary Clinton lied…again. Oh, they’ll keep making up stories about Marco Rubio and Ben Carson and falsely accuse them of being liars all day long, but when Hillary Clinton just makes things up on the spot in front of a national television audience, who cares!