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Leaked IPCC Report: We drastically overestimated climate change, effect of greenhouse gases

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According to the Daily Mail, even the scientists at the IPCC are prepared to release a report admitting that their doomsday, climate-change computer models have been completely wrong. From the Daily Mail: A leaked copy of the world’s most authoritative climate study reveals scientific forecasts of imminent doom were drastically wrong. The Mail on Sunday has obtained the final draft …

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Transgender man: Obamacare requires that the taxpayers of PA pay for my uterus removal

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A transgender individual is demanding that the state of Pennsylvania pay to have uterus removed. From the Washington Times: A woman from Pennsylvania who now identifies as a transgender man wants to have his uterus surgically removed, and he says Obamacare requires the state to pay for it. Attorneys for the plaintiff, who is identified only as 30-year-old schoolteacher “John …

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I love my white, male privilege

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Removing hope and self worth by telling entire groups of people that they can never make it because the cards are stacked against them would be wrong even if it were true. The fact that the entire theory is a lie makes it even worse.