Muslim cleric Obama praised in his UN speech for condemning ISIS issued fatwa to kill Americans

Good grief!  Doesn’t anybody at the White House actually research and proofread Obama’s speeches before they put it up on his beloved teleprompters?  

During Obama’s speech at the UN, he praised Muslim cleric Sheikh Abdallah Bin Bayyah for condemning the violence perpetrated by ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  The only problem with this praise?  The same Muslim cleric backed a fatwa to kill American soldiers back in 2004.

As you might imagine, the State Department is spinning harder than a rigged roulette wheel in an effort to back away from Obama’s praise.

Here’s State Department Paid Liar Marie Harf doing some ridiculous logical contortions on Megyn Kelly’s show:

I love how prepared Megyn Kelly was for this segment to rebut all of Harf’s pitiful excuses.  Kelly is, of course, right that Harf is  in a terrible position to have to defend Obama’s nonsense, but what self-respecting person would stay in a job like that?  Harf gets paid to stand up and lie to the world on a daily basis, and I can’t really defend anybody who would do that. She puts herself in that terrible position.

Either the Obama administration is extremely sloppy and simply forgot to check if the cleric they wanted to quote ever advocated killing Americans, or they actually don’t care that he did so.  

Hilarity of the day: Chuck Todd says Eric Holder "Wasn't Political At All"

There are very few things as funny as the lack of self awareness of an extreme leftist. Chuck Todd thinks that Eric Holder wasn’t political. Wow. Are we thinking about the same person?

He did a lot of tough stuff that you would say hey, Attorney General has to do tough stuff, this is not a forgiving job, you have to do tough stuff, but what’s interesting about him, he is a very non-political person. And I think that people used to mistakenly think that this guy was this long time political operative that happened to be an Attorney General. That’s not him at all. In fact, that used to get him in some hot water with the president’s own political aides who sometimes felt that Eric Holder wasn’t thinking about politics of an issue, whether it was, for instance, early on. 

Truck Dispatcher Is America's Fairest New Election Night Vote Counter

If you are a follower of Poor Richard’s News, you’ve probably heard of the political blog, Ace of Spades HQ. Ace is one of our favorites around here. We hat tip his blog regularly. Over the past several years, Ace has been using his resources (including many of his devoted readers) to begin offering a realistic alternative to the AP when it comes to up-to-the-minute election results. And it looks like the mainstream media might be starting to pay attention.

There was really no reason to think that the “Ace of Spades HQ Decision Desk” would be a hopeful sign for American democracy in 2014.

The Decision Desk swings into action on primary election nights, with Brandon Finnigan, a burly 29-year-old, nailed to a busted black leather armchair at one of those cheap beige aluminum desks, halfhearted fake wood top, toward the back of a low-slung house at a truck stop crossroads deep in California’s monotonous Inland Empire. Dripping sweat every day since the air conditioner broke, Finnigan is the sole employee of a small truck dispatching company where he pulls the noon-to-midnight shift. He manages the dispatching job on one computer monitor. Finnigan’s second monitor, however, is for election results.

Between calls from drivers broken down in San Diego, and between visits from men there to drop off paperwork, he tracks election results for Ace of Spades HQ, a conservative blog run by an anonymous, combative figure known only as Ace.

…Finnigan — along with his dozens of volunteer Google spreadsheet jockeys — is the most ambitious face of a major and democratizing shift in the way Americans learn about the results of the most important elections in the country.

“I want to fundamentally change how results are reported,” Finnigan told BuzzFeed News. His goal is both to modernize the local election boards and to deflate what he sees as false drama imposed by slow Associated Press calls and desperate television commentators. “I understand you need an element of suspense and you need something to jibber-jabber about on election night. But you got to jibber-jabber all year. I just want the results.”

Police: Oklahoma beheading suspect tried to convert co-workers to Islam before his deadly attack


The police have named a suspect in the brutal beheading case that we’re learning about in Oklahoma this morning.  As many guessed immediately after seeing the word “beheading” in the headline, the suspect is a Muslim who police say tried to convert his co-workers before his deadly rampage. 

from KFOR:

Officials with the Moore Police Department say the FBI is now involved in the investigation related to a brutal attack of workers at a food distribution plant.

Sgt. Jeremy Lewis says the alleged suspect, 30-year-old Alton Nolen had just been fired when he drove to the front of the business, hit a vehicle and walked inside.

He walked into the front office area where he met 54-year-old Colleen Hufford and began attacking her with a knife.

Sgt. Lewis confirms the type of knife used in the attack is the same kind used at the plant.

Lewis confirms that Hufford was stabbed several times and that Nolen “severed her head.”

At that point, Lewis claims Nolen met 43-year-old Traci Johnson and began attacking her with the same knife.

Officials say at that point, Mark Vaughan, an Oklahoma County reserve deputy and a former CEO of the business, shot him as he was actively stabbing Johnson.

“He’s a hero in this situation,” Sgt. Lewis said, referring to Vaughan. “It could have gotten a lot worse.”

Authorities say it appears Nolen was attacking employees at random.

Johnson is in stable condition at a local hospital, recovering from her injuries.

The FBI is now looking into Nolen’s background after his former co-workers said he tried to convert them to Islam after recently converting himself.

Lewis says the FBI is working in conjunction with the Moore Police Department, especially when it comes to the religious aspect of the case.

At this time, it is not known if the suspect’s beliefs played a role in the attack.

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That last line:

At this time, it is not known if the suspect’s beliefs played a role in the attack.”  That’s some cover your hindquarters reporting if I’ve ever read it. 

Thankfully, there was a good guy with a gun on the premises to stop this lunatic. Guns save lives, people.  Guns stop rampaging jihadi fired co-workers from beheading other co-workers. An armed citizenry is a safer one.  

Obama has bombed 7 countries since accepting the Nobel Peace Prize

This is as much a reflection on how pathetic the Nobel organization is as it is one on how ill deserving President Obama is of the award.

from CNN:

He’s the war-ending President who, as of Tuesday, has ordered airstrikes in seven different countries (that we know of).
President Barack Obama has always acknowledged there are times when military force is necessary. Even when he accepted his Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, he said there could be instances when war is “morally justified.”
But though he campaigned for the presidency on ending U.S.-led wars, Obama’s administration has certainly been willing to use force when it sees fit.

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And here are the countries Obama has dropped bombs on:

  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
  • Libya
  • Yemen
  • Somalia
  • Iraq
  • Syria

I could easily see this list expanding before Obama’s term is over.  With President Obama clearly unconcerned about the Constitutional requirement to seek authorization from Congress before starting a new war, there’s not much stopping him from bombing any group loosely affiliated with al Qaeda or ISIS around the world. 

Police: Woman beheaded at Oklahoma workplace

The perpetrator appears to be a person who was angry at having been fired. As he attempted to attack a second person, he was shot by a good guy with a gun.

Authorities say a man suspected of beheading a woman at a food processing plant in suburban Oklahoma City had been fired.

Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis said Friday that the suspect, who has not been charged, had been fired from Vaughan Foods.

Lewis said the man entered the plant and stabbed 54-year-old Colleen Hufford, severing her head. Lewis said the man then started to stab 43-year-old Traci Johnson.

Vaughan Foods owner and reserve county officer Mark Vaughan stopped the assault by shooting the suspect.

Judge Denies DOJ Request to Delay Release of Fast and Furious Document List

In a sane world, this would matter. But unfortunately we live in a world where the media, which are supposed to be the watchdogs of government, are more concerned with the private lives of NFL athletes than they are a massive government cover-up responsible for the death of hundreds. It’s interesting nonetheless.

U.S. District Court Judge John D. Bates has denied a request from the Department of Justice to delay the release of a list of Operation Fast and Furious documents being protected under President Obama’s assertion of executive privilege. 

The list, better known as a Vaughn index, was requested through a June 2012 FOIA filing by government watchdog Judicial Watch. When DOJ didn’t respond to the FOIA request in the time required by law, Judicial Watch sued in September 2012, seeking all documents DOJ and the White House are withholding from Congress under executive privilege claims. President Obama made the assertion on June 20, 2012 just moments before Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt. In July 2014, after two years of battling for information, Judge Bates ordered the Department of Justice to release the Vaughn Index by October 1. DOJ responded by asking for a month long delay in releasing the list with a deadline of November 3, just one day before the 2014-midterm elections. That request has been denied. A short delay was granted and DOJ must produce the Vaughn index by October 22. 

"The government’s arguments for even more time are unconvincing," Bates said in his ruling. "[S]eventy-five days—plus another twenty-one, based in part on Judiciary Watch’s consent—is enough time for the government to prepare the index that this Court has ordered, given that this matter has been pending for over two years. The Court will therefore extend the Department’s Vaughn index submission deadline to October 22, 2014—and no further." 

Surprise! Thousands of illegal immigrants fail to show up for immigration hearings

I know you’re not going to believe this, but it appears that thousands of the illegal immigrants who came across the border recently have failed to report to their agents as they were instructed to do. I’m shocked, I tell you. Shocked.

From  The AP:

Tens of thousands of young families caught crossing the border illegally earlier this year subsequently failed to meet with federal immigration agents, as they were instructed, the Homeland Security Department has acknowledged privately.

An official with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealed that about 70 percent of immigrant families the Obama administration had released into the U.S. never showed up weeks later for follow up appointments.

The ICE official made the disclosure in a confidential meeting at its Washington headquarters with immigration advocates participating in a federal working group on detention and enforcement policies. The Associated Press obtained an audio recording of Wednesday’s meeting and separately interviewed participants.

On the recording obtained by the AP, the government did not specify the total number of families released into the U.S. since October. Since only a few hundred families have already been returned to their home countries and limited U.S. detention facilities can house only about 1,200 family members, the 70 percent figure suggests the government released roughly 41,000 members of immigrant families who subsequently failed to appear at federal immigration offices.

The official, who was not identified by name on the recording obtained by the AP, also said final deportation had been ordered for at least 860 people traveling in families caught at the border since May but only 14 people had reported as ordered.

The Homeland Security Department did not dispute the authenticity of the recording.

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Who could have possibly predicted this?

I’ll let Clark Griswold sum up the sentiment of America:

Or maybe Elaine Benes:

US Forestry Service rule would requires $1,500 permit to take photos or film…in the wilderness

Forget the 1st Amendment.  Forget the fact that your tax dollars fund the National Parks and Federally protected wilderness areas.  No, the US Forestry Service wants you fork over $1,500 before you film or take pictures in the wilderness.

from the Oregonian:

Under rules being finalized in November, a reporter who met a biologist, wildlife advocate or whistleblower alleging neglect in any of the nation’s 100 million acres of wilderness would first need special approval to shoot photos or videos even on an iPhone.

Permits cost up to $1,500, says Forest Service spokesman Larry Chambers, and reporters who don’t get a permit could face fines up to $1,000.

First Amendment advocates say the rules ignore press freedoms and are so vague they’d allow the Forest Service to grant permits only to favored reporters shooting videos for positive stories.

"It’s pretty clearly unconstitutional," said Gregg Leslie, legal defense director at the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press in Alexandria, Va. "They would have to show an important need to justify these limits, and they just can’t."

Liz Close, the Forest Service’s acting wilderness director, says the restrictions have been in place on a temporary basis for four years and are meant to preserve the untamed character of the country’s wilderness.

Close didn’t cite any real-life examples of why the policy is needed or what problems it’s addressing. She didn’t know whether any media outlets had applied for permits in the last four years.

She said the agency was implementing the Wilderness Act of 1964, which aims to protect wilderness areas from being exploited for commercial gain.

"It’s not a problem, it’s a responsibility," she said. "We have to follow the statutory requirements."

The Forest Service’s previous rules caused a fuss in 2010, when the agency refused to allow an Idaho Public Television crew into a wilderness area to film student conservation workers. The agency ultimately caved to pressure from Idaho Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter.

With smartphones blurring the lines between reporters and camera crews, U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat, said the agency should tread more carefully.

"The Forest Service needs to rethink any policy that subjects noncommercial photographs and recordings to a burdensome permitting process for something as simple as taking a picture with a cell phone," Wyden said. "Especially where reporters and bloggers are concerned, this policy raises troubling questions about inappropriate government limits on activity clearly protected by the First Amendment."

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Big Government never stops dreaming up new ways to take away your freedoms. 

Nanny State Seattle passes ordinance fining residents for wasting too much food

It’s the Green Police in action in Seattle! Of course, the nanny state always thinks it can run your life better than you can.  

from Seattle Journal:

The Seattle City Council passed a new ordinance Monday that could mean $1 fines for people who toss too many table scraps into the trash.

Under current Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) rules, people living in single-family homes are encouraged but not required to dispose of food waste and compostable paper products in compost bins.

Apartment buildings must have compost bins available, but residents of apartment buildings aren’t required to use them.

And businesses aren’t subject to any composting requirements.

Under the new rules, collectors can take a cursory look each time they dump trash into a garbage truck.

If they see compostable items make up 10 percent or more of the trash, they’ll enter the violation into a computer system their trucks already carry, and will leave a ticket on the garbage bin that says to expect a $1 fine on the next garbage bill.

Apartment buildings and businesses will be subject to the same 10 percent threshold but will get two warnings before they are fined. A third violation will result in a $50 fine. Dumpsters there will be checked by inspectors on a random basis.

Collectors will begin tagging garbage bins and Dumpsters with educational tickets starting Jan. 1 when they find violations. But fines won’t start until July 1.

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First of all, the fact that the trash collectors will be looking into people’s trash and inspecting it for “compostables” is just creepy.  Second of all, Seattle already has ridiculous property taxes that cover the collection of trash.  These new fines are, like all taxes, a double and triple tax on what’s already there.  Third, about that magic 10% number.  How will the trash inspector know that 10% of that the garbage is compostable?  Is he going by weight or by volume?  Is he actually weighing and measuring, or is he just eyeballing it?  What’s to prevent him from targeting houses with a personal grudge and selectively enforcing the ordinance?

There you go.  If you want to move the leftist nanny state in Seattle, go right ahead.  

BREAKING: Attorney General Eric Holder steps down at the Justice Department


Well, I didn’t see this coming today.

from NYT:

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. will resign his post, the Justice Department said Thursday. Mr. Holder will remain in office until a successor is nominated and confirmed.

Mr. Holder, the 82nd attorney general and the first African-American to serve in that position, had previously said he planned to leave office by the end of this year.

Particularly in President Obama’s second term, Mr. Holder has been the most prominent liberal voice of the administration.

The Justice Department said Mr. Holder finalized his plans to leave in an hourlong conversation with Mr. Obama at the White House over Labor Day weekend.

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I have to question the timing here, as the investigations into misconduct at the IRS, VA, EPA, ATF and other Federal departments all heat up. Time will tell.

Double Standard: Mark Udall talks about his late father on the Senate Floor


With the collective Democrat freakout over Corey Gardner’s ad mentioning that Senator Mark Udall’s once ran for President, I thought it might be useful perspective to see if Mark Udall himself ever mentioned his late father.  After all, according to this new Democrat standard, mentioning a dead person is just going too far!

I didn’t have to look that hard.  Here’s one of Udall’s Senate speeches from 2012:

You know, Mr. President, our veterans don’t ask for a lot. Oftentimes they come home and don’t even acknowledge their own sacrifices. My own father never talked about his time fighting in World War II. In fact, i never saw his Purple Heart or knew that he had a wallet with shrapnel in it or a diary that detailed his time in combat until after he died and my family gathered to sort out his belongings. But, you know, Mr. President, our veterans shouldn’t have to ask. We should provide for them. When my father’s generation came home from the war they came home to opportunity. My father came home to a community that supported him. He came home to college and a job. It was a job that gave him pride and a job that helped him start his family and one that, of course, ultimately led me to starting my own. That’s the legacy of opportunity.

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So, is mentioning a politician’s father (who was also a politician) really off limits?  It sure doesn’t seem like it.

VIDEO: Can you figure out why Democrats are flipping out over this benign GOP Senate ad?


First, I’m not going to tell you why the DSCC is freaking out about this and demanding that it be pulled off the air.  I’m going to let you try to figure that one out for yourself.  

It comes from Corey Gardner over in Colorado, a Republican who is running against Democrat Senator Mark Udall.  Rather than the usual mud slinging, Gardner has chosen to put out an ad titled “Nice Guy” in which he states that Senator Udall is a nice guy but he’s the wrong guy to represent Colorado in Washington.  That’s it.

Seriously, watch this ad and see if you can guess why Democrats are actually demanding that networks censor it. 

here’s the video:

Okay, are you still stumped?

Here’s the statement from the DSCC:

“It’s clear Congressman Cory Gardner’s campaign is struggling to overcome the damage done by his support for laws that could block a woman’s access to common forms of birth control, take away women’s personal health care decisions even in cases of rape or incest, and roll women’s health care rights back decades. It’s disgusting that Congressman Gardner would stoop as low as attacking Senator Mark Udall’s late father and it is beneath a candidate running for the U.S. Senate. Congressman Gardner should apologize to Senator Udall and his family and pull the ad off the air.”

Wait  What? An attack?  What attack?  The ad only says that he once ran for President…which is true. 

See, the freakout is because the ad mentions Mark Udall’s father who died in 1998.  Seriously, that’s it.  

Twitchy has been cataloguing the collective Democrat outrage:





Got it?  So, if you mention that John F. Kennedy was the President, you’re attacking John F. Kennedy…because he’s dead.  

Just when you thought you’ve heard everything, the Democrats always find some new, stupid way to surprise you. 

UPDATE: It didn’t take long for me to find footage of Sen. Mark Udall attacking mentioning his late father on the Senate floor.  As usual with Democrats, the hypocrisy is painfully easy to spot. 

OK Police captain tells reporter best way to avoid getting raped by cops is to “follow the law”

Wow.  This is one of the most blatant examples of “blaming the victim” that I’ve ever read.

from Raw Story:

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol official reportedly told women that the best way not to get raped by an officer was to “follow the law.”

In recent months, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer and an Oklahoma City Police officer have been accused of repeatedly raping women, often during traffic stops.

After a Tulsa County sheriff’s deputy was arrested last week for sexually assaulting a woman while responding to a 911 call, Tulsa NBC News affiliate KJRH decided to ask the Oklahoma Highway Patrol how to stay safe during a traffic stop.

The department noted that troopers should always be in uniform, and that women were allowed to keep their car door locked, and to speak with officers through a cracked window. A trooper should rarely ask a person to come back to the patrol car, OHP advised.

“There are certain situations where we do that,” Capt. George Brown told KJRH. “If someone doesn’t have a driver’s license on their person. We asked for an ID or driver’s licence, if they can’t provide it, rather than stand outside the car writing [a ticket], which puts us in a bad location, we may ask a female back to the car so we can get her information.”

The KJRH anchor said that Brown concluded with this advice: “The captain says anything that happens inside a troopers car is videotaped, and he says that supervisors do review those tapes.”

“He says the best tip that he can give is to follow the law in the first place so you don’t get pulled over,” the anchor added.

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Sadly, this fits right into the pervasive mentality among police officers that “If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me.”  As if a police officer who is crooked enough to rape a woman actually cares about whether or not the traffic stop of his victim is legally justified! 

As always, nobody here is saying that one should be disrespectful to an officer in a traffic stop, but knowing your rights is vitally important.  You can insist on doing things by the book without being abusive or disrespectful. 

Police, along with any authority figure, must be held accountable for their actions. 

VIDEO: Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon cracks a blisteringly hilarious joke about Obama

Oh, how the mighty fall.  Far from Obama’s days of “slow jamming the news” with Jimmy Fallon, the President became the punch line for one of Fallon’s funniest jokes since he took the reigns at the Tonight Show.

Here’s the video:

Zing. And to think, late night comedians used to insist that there was nothing funny about Obama.