GLOBAL WARMING ALERT! South Dakota has earliest snowfall on record

Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties ‘cause it’s cooooold out there today.

from Argus Leader:

There already are unconfirmed reports of 7 inches of snow in parts of the Black Hills in western South Dakota.

Jon Chamberlain, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Rapid City, said almost 1 inch of snow had fallen in downtown Rapid City by 8:30 a.m. while 2 inches was measured in higher elevations in town.

The snowfall in Rapid City is the earliest in the city since 1888, the NWS said.

The NWS will be getting more information through the day, but he said they had reports of 7 inches of snow north of Custer.

Heavy wet snow could lead to tree damage and power outages. See the radar and hourly forecast at

A winter storm warning is in effect until noon Thursday for the northern and central Black Hills including the cities of Lead, Deadwood, Hill City and Mount Rushmore.

The NWS says many areas across far western South Dakota might experience a hard freeze by Friday morning as temperatures are expected to dip into the 20s and even teens in the Black Hills.

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I know, I know…weather is not climate…unless it fits the narrative.

Obama’s “vetted moderates” in the Syrian Free Army admit alliances with ISIS

So, our semi-retired President went on TV last night to announce that he had finally come up with a strategy for dealing with the radical Islamist terrorist group ISIS.  A part of that strategy is to arm the so-called “moderate” Free Syrian Army.  The only problem with that is that we’ve already been doing that, and those weapons are falling into the hands of ISIS.  

To make matters worse, the Free Syrian Army is admitting that they have an alliance with ISIS. 

from PJ Media:

On Monday, the Daily Star in Lebanon quoted a FSA brigade commander saying that his forces were working with the Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s official Syrian affiliate — both U.S.-designated terrorist organizations — near the Syrian/Lebanon border.

“We are collaborating with the Islamic State and the Nusra Front by attacking the Syrian Army’s gatherings in … Qalamoun,” said Bassel Idriss, the commander of an FSA-aligned rebel brigade.

“We have reached a point where we have to collaborate with anyone against unfairness and injustice,” confirmed Abu Khaled, another FSA commander who lives in Arsal.

“Let’s face it: The Nusra Front is the biggest power present right now in Qalamoun and we as FSA would collaborate on any mission they launch as long as it coincides with our values,” he added.

In my report last week I noted that buried in a New York Times article last month was a Syrian “rebel” commander quoted as saying that his forces were working with ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra in raids along the border with Lebanon, including attacks on Lebanese forces. The Times article quickly tried to dismiss the commander’s statements, but the Daily Star article now confirms this alliance.

Among the other pertinent points from that PJ Media article last week was that this time last year the bipartisan conventional wisdom amongst the foreign policy establishment was that the bulk of the Syrian rebel forces were moderates, a fiction refuted by a Rand Corporation study published last September that found nearly half of the Syrian “rebels” were jihadists or hard-core Islamists.

Another relevant phenomenon I noted was that multiple arms shipments from the U.S. to the “vetted moderate” FSA were suspiciously raided and confiscated by ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, prompting the Obama administration and the UK to suspend weapons shipments to the FSA last December.

In April, the Obama administration again turned on the CIA weapons spigot to the FSA, and Obama began calling for an additional $500 million for the “vetted moderate” rebels, but by July the weapons provided to the FSA were yet again being raided and captured by ISIS and other terrorist groups. Remarkably, one Syrian dissident leader reportedly told Al-Quds al-Arabi that the FSA had lost $500 million worth of arms to rival “rebel” groups, much of which ended up being sold to unknown parties in Turkey and Iraq.

At the same time U.S.-provided FSA weapons caches were being mysteriously raided by ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, one of the senior FSA commanders in Eastern Syria, Saddam al-Jamal, defected to ISIS. In March, Jabhat al-Nusra joined forces with the FSA Liwa al-Ummah brigade to capture a Syrian army outpost in Idlib. Then in early July I reported on FSA brigades that had pledged allegiance to ISIS and surrendered their weapons after their announcement of the reestablishment of the caliphate. More recently, the FSA and Jabhat al-Nusra teamed up last month to capture the UN Golan Heights border crossing in Quneitra on the Syria/Israel border, taking UN peacekeepers hostage.

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In Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, and Syria, time and time again, President Obama has proven that his administration is incapable of vetting the “moderates” and keeping their weapons out of the hands of the enemy.  Why in the world would we think that things are going to be different this time?

Never Forget: 13 Photos from September 11, 2001

Today, we remember the events of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, when radical Islamist terrorists hijacked four planes and flew them into buildings, killing nearly 3,000 people, both civilians and government officials.  We also remember the bravery of Flight 93, whose passengers overwhelmed the terrorists and downed the plane in a field near Shanksville, PA before it could reach Washington DC.

VIDEO: Ted Cruz booed off state at Middle Eastern Christians conference for defending Israel


This story is as surprising to me as I’m sure it was to Ted Cruz.  Speaking last night at a Middle Eastern Christian conference called In Defense of Christians, Ted Cruz was booed off stage after he defended Israel and the Jewish people. 

Here’s the video:

from Daily Caller:

Cruz, the keynote speaker at the sold-out D.C. dinner gala for the recently-founded non-profit In Defense of Christians, began by saying that “tonight, we are all united in defense of Christians. Tonight, we are all united in defense of Jews. Tonight, we are all united in defense of people of good faith, who are standing together against those who would persecute and murder those who dare disagree with their religious teachings.”

Cruz was not reading from a teleprompter, nor did he appear to be reading from notes.

“Religious bigotry is a cancer with many manifestations,” he continued. “ISIS, al-Qaida, Hezbollah, Hamas, state sponsors like Syria and Iran, are all engaged in a vicious genocidal campaign to destroy religious minorities in the Middle East. Sometimes we are told not to loop these groups together, that we have to understand their so called nuances and differences. But we shouldn’t try to parse different manifestations of evil that are on a murderous rampage through the region. Hate is hate, and murder is murder. Our purpose here tonight is to highlight a terrible injustice, a humanitarian crisis.”

“Christians have no greater ally than Israel,” he said, at which point members of the crowd began to yell “stop it” and booed him.

EWTN News Nightly’s Jason Calvi caught the moment on video.

“Those who hate Israel hate America,” he continued, as the boos and calls for him to leave the stage got louder. “Those who hate Jews hate Christians. If those in this room will not recognize that, then my heart weeps. If you hate the Jewish people you are not reflecting the teachings of Christ. And the very same people who persecute and murder Christians right now, who crucify Christians, who behead children, are the very same people who target Jews for their faith, for the same reason.”

The cries of “stop it, stop it, enough,” and booing continued. “Out, out, leave the stage!” At this point IDC’s president, Toufic Baaklini, came out to the stage to ask for the crowd to listen to Cruz, but Cruz had already had enough.

“If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews,” he said. “Then I will not stand with you. Good night, and God bless.” And with that, he walked off the stage.

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Honestly, I had never considered that the anti-Semitism in the Middle East may extend to members of the Christian community as well.  I understand completely that one might disagree with Israel’s military policy, but can be no denying that Israel is the only nation in the Middle East where Christians are truly free to worship, and they do so along side Jews and Muslims.  You simply will not find a country in the Middle East with more religious freedom than Israel.  

As for a Christian’s defense of the Jewish people, this is mainline Christian theology.  I can’t imagine that anyone would actually be surprised by this.

Inspector General says Pentagon is mishandling child-sex cases

We might be looking at the beginning of yet another Obama administration scandal…

The Pentagon’s chief watchdog warned Tuesday that the military’s criminal investigative agencies have mishandled about a dozen child sexual assault cases and made recommendations ranging from enhancing guidelines for collecting evidence to ensuring that victims receive the proper paperwork.

The inspector general evaluated 163 Military Criminal Investigation Organization investigations of sexual assaults against children that were closed in 2012 to determine whether the investigations were consistent with military policy and procedures.

That evaluation determined that more than half of the cases had minor deficiencies, but 10 of the criminal inquiries had serious deficiencies that fall short of the Defense Department’s standards, according to the watchdog office’s report.

“Significant deficiencies are key evidence not being collected, crime scenes not examined, and witness or subject interviews not conducted or not thorough,” according to the report that said such deficiencies could “materially affect” the outcome or reliability of investigations.

State Dept official admits Obama admin suffered from “overoptimism” in arming Libyan rebels

The Obama administration wanted to take out Gaddafi, and they completely ignored the consequences of their actions in the course of doing so.  They armed the so-called “moderate” rebel groups, and in return, we got Benghazi and the spread of those weapons to Syria and Iraq.  Indeed, ISIS’s rise to power can largely be traced to the weapons the Obama administration gave to Libyan rebels in an effort to topple Gaddafi. 

Slowly, members of the Obama administration are beginning to admit that the mess in the Middle East is largely one of their own making.

from Free Beacon:

A top State Department official told Congress on Wednesday that the administration did not have a handle on the consequences of the 2011 intervention in Libya.

A quarter million Libyans have fled their country as terrorist groups battle for control of the nation’s resources. The unprotected borders allow for easy weapon smuggling, and Libya has become a launching point for numerous groups of Islamic militants to join the fighting to the east.

House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Ed Royce (R., Calif.) called Libya a failed state “awash with terrorist organizations.”

Ambassador and State Department official Gerald Feierstein admitted the United States’ “overoptimism” on Libya, saying, the government did not realize the weakness of the Libyan institutions or the strength of the divisions.

In 2011, the Obama administration and NATO gave limited support to Libyan rebels who overthrew ruler Muammar Gaddafi. Those rebels have been unable to stabilize the country.

Now, Libya is in chaos and constant violence. Feierstein was unable to point to any hope of ending the violence in the near future. Feierstein said no group currently fighting in Libya was strong enough to win outright and that supporting Libya’s recovery would require a long-term commitment from the United States.

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Tonight, President Obama is expected to announce yet another such foolhardy strategy to deal with ISIS.  He will once again employ the strategy of arming “moderate” groups inside of Iraq and Syria.  What’s that they say about the definition of insanity?

IRS told Treasury and White House about missing emails before informing Congress

The IRS suffers from top to bottom corruption. This latest development in the IRS’s coordinated coverup of wrongdoing goes all the way up to IRS Commissioner Gollum Koskinen’s office. 

from Sharyl Attkisson:

In June, IRS commissioner John Koskinen testified he had no idea who tipped off Obama officials, much sooner than Congress, about missing IRS emails.

"Did you cause someone to find out at the White House, at Treasury, or your IG?" Representative Darrell Issa asked Koskinen on June 23rd.

"I did not," answered Koskinen. "And if you have any evidence of that, I’d be happy to see it."

"I asked a question," said Issa.

"And i answered it," replied Koskinen.

In a new development, we’ve learned it was IRS Commission John Koskinen’s own chief legal advisor at the IRS, Catherine Duval, who informed someone at the Treasury Department, who told someone at the White House that emails were missing, while Congress, which subpoenaed the documents, was left in the dark.

Duval disclosed that she was the source when she gave closed-door testimony to the House Oversight Committee before Congress’ summer break. The emails in question are from IRS manager Lois Lerner who’s implicated in the agency’s improper targeting of conservative groups.

Duval acknowledged she told Treasury’s senior counsel there were “issues” finding emails.

"We are friends, we talk," Duval testified. "I believe we talked about it in mid to late April."

Congress wasn’t told until June.

Republican Darrell Issa heads the Oversight Committee. He says the IRS was focused on political damage control.

"This is very troubling because this organization’s supposed to be apolitical," Issa told us. "They’re supposed to in fact inform us all at the same time."

We asked Representative Issa, “The IRS telling the Treasury Department which told the White House well before Congress, tells you what?”

"It tells us they’re still playing deny, delay and cover up," said Issa.

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The level of criminal corruption here goes far beyond anything Nixon ever took part in.  Nixon resigned the office of President when confronted with his wrongdoing, and members of his administration wound up in prison for their part in it.  Today, we have a media, save for a small handful of reporters like Sharyl Attkisson, that is largely complicit in the Obama administrations use of the IRS as a weapon against their political enemies.  

The evidence is overwhelming at this point that not only did the IRS criminally target political enemies, they involved the White House and the Justice Department in their coverup.  How can the American people have any faith in their government when the corruption runs this deep?

VIDEO: the top 10 Quran verses that explain ISIS


If you listen to John Kerry over at the State Department, you’d believe that ISIS’s brutality “has nothing to do with Islam.” Seriously, John Kerry actually said that

Apologetics group Answering Muslims has put together a video of the top 10 verses that explain ISIS and their violence.  Does ISIS’s ideology really have nothing to do with Islam?  They certainly don’t seem to believe so.  After all, they call themselves the “Islamic State.”

But listen to the verses and decide for yourself.

Here’s the video:

My point in posting this video isn’t to impugn all Muslims.  In the United States, anybody is free to peacefully worship however and whatever they want to. If American Muslims want to practice their religion without infringing on the rights of others, they are certainly welcome to do so.

However, ignoring the self-proclaimed Islamic groups like ISIS and other radical jihadist terrorists is not only foolish, it’s dangerous.  After all Obama administrations attempts to arm “moderate rebel groups” are in part what led to the rise of ISIS in the first place.  

Justice Department caught red handed trying to coordinate leaks of IRS documents with Democrats

This latest development in the IRS targeting scandal is like something out of a movie.

from the Blaze:

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) says the Obama administration’s Justice Department has been caught red-handed trying to orchestrate the leak of committee documents related to the ongoing IRS investigation, which would have allowed Justice to comment on the documents before Republicans made them public.

Issa says he has clear evidence of this — a Justice official mistakenly called Issa’s staff directly, instead of calling a Democratic office, and asked Issa’s staff to leak the information “before the Majority” — meaning Republicans — could share it.

“I am extremely troubled by this attempt to improperly coordinate the release of committee documents with the minority staff,” Issa wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder in a Monday letter. “This effort to preemptively release incomplete and selectively chosen information undermines the department’s claims that it is responding in good faith.”

According to Issa’s letter, a senior Justice official called the committee on Friday, and reached Issa’s Republican staff. The official said Justice was sending over certain documents to Republicans that evening related to Andrew Strelka, a former IRS official who now works at Justice and is involved in the IRS investigation.

Republicans have complained about Strekla’s involvement in the case given his past work at the IRS.

The official then said Justice was not allowed to release the documents to the press, but said Justice wanted to get it to the press somehow so it could comment on the documents before Issa could.

The official “then asked the committee employee if the committee would agree to release the material to selected reporters and thereby allow the department the opportunity to comment publicly on it,” Issa wrote.

When Issa’s staff asked for the documents, the Justice official put the call on hold for about three minutes, during which he apparently realized his mistake.

Issa said when the call resumed, the Justice official was “audibly shaken,” and said there was a “change in plans” — Justice would no longer seek to release the documents early. Issa said he realizes that emails and other communications are often shared, but said the call seems to be proof that committee Democrats are working with the Obama administration to “obfuscate and prejudice the committee’s work through under-the-table coordination.”

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This points to deliberate obfuscation of the truth by the Justice Department, the very people who are supposed to be investigating the crime.  They are now willful participants in it.  

Notice also that they only wanted to leak the documents to “selected reporters.”  That means that they also have a list of reporters who are complicit in their coverup.  Any real reporter would naturally ask, “Why are you releasing this information to me all of the sudden?”  But that’s not what these select reporters are for. They’re only their to add a false sense of integrity to what is undeniable a corrupt investigation on top of a coverup on top of a crime.

What’s worse is that this practice is most likely a regular occurrence.  What are the chances that Darrell Issa’s office intercepted the very first coordination between the Justice Department and Democrats on Capitol Hill.  No, this was done casually, as if it’s something they do every day.

Breitbart News says IRS targeted company for audit

IRS targeting is still going on, folks. Don’t expect it to stop. And whether this is an example of it or not, any time a small government organization is audited, I will always suspect it.

The company that runs the conservative news site says the IRS has selected the network for an audit, in a move company executives suggest is politically motivated.

Breitbart News Network, a California-based company which runs several conservative websites, says the IRS recently audited its 2012 financial information.

"The Obama administration’s timing on this is exquisite, but try as they might through various methods to silence us, we will only get more emboldened,” Stephen K. Bannon, executive chairman of Breitbart News Network, said in a written statement.

The audit comes as the agency faces sustained complaints that it targeted conservative groups for extra scrutiny as they sought nonprofit status, before the agency ended the practice last year.

Since the practice was made public – by the IRS itself and the inspector general’s office – other conservative groups have come forward claiming they were subjected to unwarranted scrutiny by the agency.

Hero dad shoots and kills intruder who broke in while his 4 year old daughter was home

Thankfully, we don’t know what kind of terrible intentions this intruder had when he broke through the front door with a 4 year old girl inside.  The girl’s father shot him before he got the chance to carry out whatever plan he had that day. 

from JRN:

Police say a suspected home intruder who was shot by the homeowner Monday morning has died.

A man tried to break into a home near 72nd and Sorensen Parkway Monday morning, police said, but ended up with a gunshot wound.

Police were still on the scene in the Woodbridge Neighborhood hours after being called around 9 a.m.

Police said the homeowner, Larry Rohatsch, told them he went to answer the front door after someone rang the doorbell and a man was standing inside the home. That’s when the homeowner opened fire, police said.

A neighbor said the intruder kicked in the homeowner’s door.

The suspect, identified as 48-year-old Darrell Miller, was taken to CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center in extremely critical condition where died later the same day.

The homeowner’s 4-year-old daughter was also home at the time of the shooting, police said.

Neighbor Ann Gray said she watched the young girl while police questioned her father. Gray said the girl was very calm for such a scary situation.

"I think everyone should have a gun and be ready to defend themselves, and if someone’s in your house, I think you have every right to defend your home and your loved ones and shoot them if you have to," she said.

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The anti-gun leftists out there want to take away this father’s right to defend his 4 year old girl.  This family is certainly grateful they haven’t succeeded in getting their way.

So far, Obamacare has cost America 350,000 jobs

Perhaps the reason Democrats finally started embracing the term “Obamacare” is that it’s just too painful to call it the “Affordable Care Act.”  

from CNBC:

Obamacare is taking a toll on small businesses, according to a new analysis of the effects of the health-care reform law, which found billions of dollars in reduced pay and hundreds of thousands fewer jobs.

Take-home pay at small businesses was trimmed by some $22.6 billion annually because of the Affordable Care Act and related insurance premium hikes, researchers at the American Action Forum, a center-right think tank headed by former Congressional Budget Office director Douglas Holtz-Eakin, found in a report released Tuesday.

Individual year-round employees at businesses with 50 to 99 workers lost $935 annually, while those at firms with 20 to 49 workers are out an average of $827.50 per person in take-home pay, the report found.

That report also says that there has been the loss of more than 350,000 jobs due to Obamacare-era premium hikes at small businesses.

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It’s important to remember that these jobs numbers are with the Obama administration’s delays in penalties and other negative aspects of the law.  All of those bombs are still poised to drop in the coming months.  

Virginia public school refuses Chapstick to elementary student with bleeding, chapped lips

Chapstick is apparently an “over the counter drug,” at least according to the school board of Stuarts Draft Elementary School in Craigsville, VA.  When a student with severely chapped lips went to the school nurse to ask for some lip balm, the school officials told her she needed a note from a doctor. 

from News Virginian:

An 11-year-old Stuarts Draft Elementary School student has collected petition signatures and officially asked the county school board to allow elementary students to use Chapstick.
Stuarts Draft fifth-grader Grace Karaffa appeared before the school board Thursday night, saying she had requested the substance while on the playground after suffering chapped lips.

"I was told I couldn’t use it. Then later that day they (lips) started to bleed so I asked for Chapstick again and I was told that it was against the school policy for elementary kids to have Chapstick,” Grace said.

Grace asked the school board to change its policy. “Chapstick allows the human body to heal the lips themselves and protects them in any weather from drying out,” she said. She concluded her speech by saying, “Please school board, allow us to have Chapstick.”

The petition contained 236 signatures. Those signatures included Stuarts Draft students and members of Grace’s Girl Scout troop who are Augusta County students, said her father, Beverley Manor District Supervisor David Karaffa.
George Earhart, the assistant superintendent for administration with the Augusta County Schools, said Chapstick is considered an over-the-counter medication by the school board. The board has a policy regarding such medicines. He said Chapstick could be allowed if a physician asked for a student to use it, and it was administered by a school nurse.

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I can’t believe these half-wits are the ones in charge of teaching our children.  You find this kind of gross incompetence in public schools all over the country.  ”For the sake of the children!” is the rallying cry of so many liberals who want more state control over education, but at every turn you see school officials putting their own hides ahead of the needs of school children.  

Give the poor girl some Chapstick.  Her lips hurt real bad!

Sotloff family says Steven Sotloff was sold to ISIS by Obama-backed “moderate rebels” in Syria

The spokesperson for the family of American journalist Steven Sotloff appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper show last night and leveled some stern criticism at the Obama administration.  He claimed that Sotloff was kidnapped by the so-called “moderate Syrian rebels” who the Obama administration armed and then sold for a bounty to ISIS. 

Here’s the video:

from Politico:

A spokesman for Steven Sotloff’s family contends the slain American journalist was sold to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant by Syrian rebels and says the Obama administration “could have done more” to save him.

Appearing on CNN Monday evening, Barak Barfi said that his sources in the region have told him one or more of the Syrian rebels sold Sotloff to ISIL for $25,000-$50,000. He referred to them as “so-called moderate rebels, that people want our administration to support,” a jab at lawmakers and political figures — including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona and many others — that have suggested arming the Syrian rebels.

Barfi, a research fellow at the New America Foundation, reserved stronger criticism for the Obama administration, whom he accused of spreading inaccuracies and failing to do enough to secure Sotloff’s release. The White House has confirmed two separate videos released in the last month showing an ISIL militant beheading Sotloff and fellow captured U.S. journalist James Foley.

“We know that the intelligence community and the White House are enmeshed in a larger game of bureaucratic infighting and Jim and Steve are pawns in that game and that’s not fair,” he said, in a reference to Foley.

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We’ve been saying from the very beginning that the Obama administration is foolish and dangerous to arm the Syrian rebels.  We already know for a fact that many of these weapons have fallen into the hands of ISIS rebels.  If the story of Sotloff’s bounty is true, it only further demonstrates that the Obama administration’s “solution” to ISIS is to keep arming ISIS.