The GOP establishment is REALLY afraid of a Rand Paul presidential run

A friend of mine asked me today, “What’s with all the Republicans hating on Rand Paul.”  I answered him in one word: fear

from Politico:

If you had any doubts about how seriously some Republicans are taking the notion of a Rand Paul presidency, look at how far they’re going to shut down his views on foreign policy.

In the past three days alone, Texas Gov. Rick Perry used a Washington Post op-ed to warn about the dangers of “isolationism” and describe Paul as “curiously blind” to growing threats in Iraq. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) accused the Kentucky senator on CNN of wanting a “withdrawal to fortress America.” And former Vice President Dick Cheney declared at a POLITICO Playbook luncheon on Monday that “isolationism is crazy,” while his daughter, Liz Cheney, said Paul “leaves something to be desired, in terms of national security policy.”

The preemptive strikes suggest that many in GOP fear Paul is winning the foreign policy argument with the American people — and that that could make him a formidable candidate in 2016. After all, second-tier presidential hopefuls don’t usually get shouted down this way.

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It’s ridiculous to call Rand Paul an isolationist.  He simply isn’t.  That’s not going to stop the GOP establishment from piling on and trying to marginalize him.  

Rand Paul poses a threat to the Washington balance of power.  The closer we get to 2016, the more Paul will be facing fire from all sides…because he is one of the few men out there who would actually change the way Washington works.  And if there’s anything that establishment politicians want to protect, it’s their own power. 

Federal Court OKs Police banning applicants whose IQs are TOO HIGH

Imagine an organization that actually wants its employees to have lower IQs.  Seems crazy, right?  Well, you have a high IQ, don’t even bother applying to be a police officer in New London, Connecticut.  Smart people need not apply. 

from ABC:

A man whose bid to become a police officer was rejected after he scored too high on an intelligence test has lost an appeal in his federal lawsuit against the city.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York upheld a lower court’s decision that the city did not discriminate against Robert Jordan because the same standards were applied to everyone who took the test.

“This kind of puts an official face on discrimination in America against people of a certain class,” Jordan said today from his Waterford home. “I maintain you have no more control over your basic intelligence than your eye color or your gender or anything else.”

He said he does not plan to take any further legal action.

Jordan, a 49-year-old college graduate, took the exam in 1996 and scored 33 points, the equivalent of an IQ of 125. But New London police interviewed only candidates who scored 20 to 27, on the theory that those who scored too high could get bored with police work and leave soon after undergoing costly training.

Most Cops Just Above Normal The average score nationally for police officers is 21 to 22, the equivalent of an IQ of 104, or just a little above average.

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Slightly higher than mediocrity, that’s your average police officer.  And the Federal Government thinks it’s okay to keep things that way.  

No wonder there’s so much corruption and abuse of power in police forces around the country. 

Surprise! Israel accepts Egypt’s negotiated cease fire in Gaza; Hamas rejects

Earlier today, Egypt offered to negotiate a cease fire agreement between Israel and Hamas.  Israel agreed to the terms of the cease fire, but Hamas rejected the offer.

from Arutz Sheva:

Hamas rejected Egypt’s proposed ceasefire in Gaza on Monday night, as Arab foreign ministers in Cairo called on “all parties” to accept the proposal.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said the group would not accept a truce without a fully-fledged deal to end hostilities, according to AFP.

"A ceasefire without reaching an agreement is rejected. In times of war, you don’t cease fire and then negotiate," he told the news agency.

Barhoum added Hamas had not received any official proposal and that “the weapons of the resistance are a red line.”

Earlier Monday night, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said the group would not agree to any ceasefire that does not “meet the demands of the Palestinian people.”

“Today we are facing an important stage in the conflict with the Israeli occupation. Years of a blockade did not prevent our resistance from taking all possible measures to protect the Palestinian people,” he added.

“The Zionist enemy forced the war on us and planned it. Today we are fulfilling our duty to protect our people and our honor,” declared Haniyeh.

Meanwhile, the Arab foreign ministers said in a statement they “demand all parties concerned accept the Egyptian initiative” and commit to its terms.

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Hamas doesn’t want a cease fire, which makes them an isolated extremist group even in the Middle East.  Israel repeatedly demonstrates their desire for peace, but Hamas isn’t interested in peace or coexistence with Israel.  Their stated goal is to wipe Israel off the map.  

People who claim to care about ‘climate change’ use more electricity than those who don’t


So, it turns out that those who say we should all cut way back on our energy usage use more electricity than the rest of us. This probably came as a shock to most people but not to those of us who know what climate alarmism really is. After all, climate alarmists are nothing if not hypocrites.

From the UK Telegraph:

People who claim to worry about climate change use more electricity than those who do not, a Government study has found.

Those who say they are concerned about the prospect of climate change consume more energy than those who say it is “too far into the future to worry about,” the study commissioned by the Department for Energy and Climate Change found.

That is in part due to age, as people over 65 are more frugal with electricity but much less concerned about global warming.

However, even when pensioners are discounted, there is only a “weak trend” to show that people who profess to care about climate change do much to cut their energy use.

Those surveyed were asked if they agreed or disagreed with the statement: “The effects of climate change are too far in the future to really worry me.”

The researchers wrote: “Taken all together, householders who strongly agreed they were not worried about climate change because it was too far in the future in fact used less electricity rather than more, counter to the hypothesis that households concerned about climate change use less electricity.

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Notice that both the researchers and the author go out of their way to let everyone know that the main reason for the so-called surprising result is all those smelly old people that hate the planet but just happen to be “frugal” with their electricity. However, what they’re accidentally admitting is that people would use less electricity if they were taught economics and self-control, rather than having Chicken Little propaganda crammed down their throat.

Furthermore, look at how the survey was worded:

"Those surveyed were asked if they agreed or disagreed with the statement: ‘The effects of climate change are too far in the future to really worry me.’"

Notice there is no third option: “Since the Earth hasn’t warmed in nearly 18 years, I question the entire premise of climate change.” This is a classic technique used by polling outfits to steer a result in a particular direction while also influencing the respondent.

That’s like asking someone “Hey, have you always been that stupid?” There’s no good answer.

It looks like this is just another example of why the alarmists’ mantra should be “do as I say, not as I do.”

Despicable: Hamas tells Gaza residents to stay at home and ignore Israel’s evacuation warnings

Hamas wants civilian casualties.  Israel’s military uses missile defense systems to shield its civilian from Hamas’s attacks.  Hamas uses civilians as human shields to defend their military. 

(h/t Right Scoop)

Surprise! FEC employee who admitted violating the Hatch Act suffers mysterious hard drive crash

Tampering with evidence has become completely commonplace for the Obama administration. How else would you explain that virtually every key subject of a House Oversight Committee investigation has suffered a hard drive crash?

from Blaze:

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) on Monday made yet another request to the federal government for details about a crashed hard drive that may have contained information allowing criminal charges to be brought against a federal official.

Issa’s newest letter concerns the hard drive of April Sands, a former employee at the Federal Election Commission who resigned in the spring after admitting to violations of the Hatch Act. That law puts restrictions on the ability of government officials to conduct political activities while on the job, or from government offices.

Issa noted that while Sands admitted to violating the law, the FEC just recently told Congress that it could not recover her hard drive, which made it impossible to seek criminal charges against her.

“Recent information obtained by the committee suggests that the FEC OIG could not pursue criminal prosecution for the misconduct because the attorney’s hard drive had been recycled by the FEC,” Issa’s letter said.

As a result, Issa asked the FEC to provide information to his committee by July 28. That includes all documents related to the hard drive loss, and documents detailing the FEC’s practices for retaining information on computers.

The FEC is an independent agency, but Sands’ emails clearly indicated she favored Obama’s re-election in 2012. Before the election, she tweeted things like:

“Our #POTUS’s birthday is August 4. He’ll be 51. I’m donating at least $51 to give him the best birthday present ever: a second term.” In another tweet, she said anyone supporting Republicans is her “enemy.”

“The bias exhibited in these messages is striking, especially for an attorney charged with the responsibility to enforce federal election laws fairly and dispassionately,” Issa wrote.

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We’ve now lost major evidence to “hard drive crashes” at THREE separate Executive Branch Departments: the Federal Elections Commission, the IRS, and the EPA.  

This is not coincidence. It is a mathematical impossibility. It is deliberate and should result in people doing time behind bars. 

The Alarming Book One Texas Rancher Found Near the Border

Urdus is the primary language of Pakistand and Muslims living in northern India.  Any immigrant from these regions would face extra scrutiny from Homeland Security because of possible ties to Islamist extremist groups. Coming unchecked over the southern border would be a much simpler way to avoid detection while traveling into the US. The Obama administration continues to ignore the national security implications of having a de-facto open border with Mexico.

An Urdu-to-English dictionary was not something Mike Vickers expected to find on the rocky earth underneath the cattle fencing around his 1,000-acre Texas ranch.

Yet there it was — dropped, Vickers guesses, when its carrier got zapped by his fence’s electricity, and adding yet another dimension to the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border, where tens of thousands of people have been flooding into the United States.

Vickers’ property line runs along Highway 281, just 4 1/2 miles north from the Falfurrias Border Patrol station. The station itself is about 70 miles north of the Rio Grande, the first highway checkpoint for vehicles coming from Mexico in an area known for heavy illegal alien and drug trafficking. Instead of moving through the checkpoint, however, Vickers said that up to 30 people cross his property every day to try to evade the Border Patrol. Years ago, it was only a handful a day.

Gov. Terry Brandstad to Obama admin: Do not dump illegal alien children in Iowa

I hope the governors  of states around the country begin sending this message to the Obama administration: do not dump illegals in our state.  If the Obama administration doesn’t listen, it’s time for the state attorneys general to being suing the Federal government

Gov. Terry Branstad said Monday that he does not want Iowa to host any of the thousands of children from Central America who have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border alone.

During a news conference, Branstad said he was not aware of any of the children currently living in Iowa and that state has not been contacted by the federal government about housing any immigrant children. He said the government’s focus should be on securing the borders.

“The first thing we need to do is secure the border. I do have empathy for these kids,” Branstad said. “But I also don’t want to send the signal that (you) send your kids to America illegally. That’s not the right message.”

Branstad was among a group of governors that met Sunday with Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Matthews Burwell as the Obama administration sought support from states that could host the children.

Police Officer: “Common practice” for cops to fake 911 calls to search homes without warrant

Constitutional rights?  What are those?  According to a lot of police officers, Constitutional rights are just pesky little nuisances that prevent them from entering your home without permission, and they’re exploiting any loophole they can find to avoid having to respect those Constitutional rights. 

This includes faking 911 calls in order to gain emergency entry to homes. 

from ABC 11:

A Durham police officer admitted under oath that he lied in order to gain entry to a home and to serve an outstanding warrant.

During a court hearing last May, court officials say he told a District Court judge that it was a common practice within Durham’s police department.

He said he knocked on a resident’s door, claiming police had received a 9-1-1 hang up call. But, it never happened.

It’s the reason why Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez sent out an internal memo obtained by ABC11.

"Effective immediately," Lopez wrote, "No officer shall inform a citizen that there has been a call to the emergency communications center, including a hang up call, when there in fact has been no such call."

ABC11 spoke with Chief Lopez by phone while he attended an FBI Training Institute in Washington D.C.

Lopez denied the officer’s claims that lying to get consent to enter a home is a common practice.

"This has never occurred," said Lopez. "We want to find out what…led him [the officer] to believe that this is something he should do."

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Somehow the police chief’s “This has never occurred” is completely unconvincing, especially since an officer under his command admits to having used fake 911 calls to gain entry to homes and says it’s common practice. 

Obama’s economic “recovery”: fewer than half of US adults have full time jobs

Regardless how much spin the White House puts on the monthly jobs numbers, the reality is that America’s jobs market is completely stagnate, and Obama’s own policies are a huge part of the problem. 

from Wall Street Journal:

On July 2 President Obama boasted that the jobs report “showed the sixth straight month of job growth” in the private economy. “Make no mistake,” he said. “We are headed in the right direction.” What he failed to mention is that only 47.7% of adults in the U.S. are working full time. Yes, the percentage of unemployed has fallen, but that’s worth barely a Bronx cheer. It reflects the bleak fact that 2.4 million Americans have become discouraged and dropped out of the workforce. You might as well say that the unemployment rate would be zero if everyone quit looking for work.

Last month involuntary part-timers swelled to 7.5 million, compared with 4.4 million in 2007. Way too many adults now depend on the low-wage, part-time jobs that teenagers would normally fill. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen had it right in March when she said: “The existence of such a large pool of partly unemployed workers is a sign that labor conditions are worse than indicated by the unemployment rate.”

Last month involuntary part-timers swelled to 7.5 million, compared with 4.4 million in 2007. Way too many adults now depend on the low-wage, part-time jobs that teenagers would normally fill. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen had it right in March when she said: “The existence of such a large pool of partly unemployed workers is a sign that labor conditions are worse than indicated by the unemployment rate.”

There are a number of reasons for our predicament, most importantly a historically low growth rate for an economic “recovery.” Gross domestic product growth in 2013 was a feeble 1.9%, and it fell at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 2.9% in the first quarter of 2014.

But there is one clear political contribution to the dismal jobs trend. Many employers cut workers’ hours to avoid the Affordable Care Act’s mandate to provide health insurance to anyone working 30 hours a week or more. The unintended consequence of President Obama’s “signature legislation”? Fewer full-time workers. In many cases two people are working the same number of hours that one had previously worked.

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The Obama administration has done everything possible to hide the severity of the jobs numbers, including changing the way the government counts unemployment and simply not counting a giant number of Americans who are out of work. 

Bowe Bergdahl returns to active duty - “He’s a normal soldier now”


Bowe Bergdahl returns to active duty today.  I’m sure his friends in the Taliban are laughing it up. 

from AP:

Bowe Bergdahl, the Army sergeant who spent nearly five years as a Taliban captive in Afghanistan, was returned to regular duty Monday with a desk job that makes him available to Army investigators for questioning about his disappearance in 2009.

In a brief statement, the Army said Bergdahl is now assigned to U.S. Army North at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston in Texas, the same base where he has been decompressing and recuperating from the effects of his lengthy captivity.

His exact administrative duties were not immediately disclosed, but a Pentagon spokesman, Army Col. Steve Warren, said Bergdahl is not restricted in any way.

“He is a normal soldier now,” Warren said.

The Army said that in his assignment to U.S. Army North he “can contribute to the mission,” which is focused on homeland defense. It said the Army investigation into the circumstances of his disappearance and capture by the Taliban in eastern Afghanistan in June 2009 will continue.

Bergdahl walked away from his unit after expressing misgivings about the U.S. military’s role — as well as his own — in Afghanistan. He was captured by Taliban members and held by the Haqqani network for five years. He was released May 31 as part of a deal in which the U.S. released five top Taliban commanders who had been imprisoned at the military detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

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Sure, he’s a “normal soldier”… except for that whole desertion and collaborating with terrorists thing. 

How many dead illegal aliens have washed up on our southern border?

"Obama’s Katrina," that’s what many Republicans have been calling the immigration crisis on our Southern Border.  Democrats, on the other hand, have vehemently cried foul, arguing that there’s no comparison between the two because the border crisis doesn’t have the death toll that Katrina did.  

But how do we know what the death toll on the border is? We don’t.

from Gateway Pundit:

A Fox News exclusive reported this morning by Jana Winter inexplicably buried the lede.

Winter reports that several dead children have been discovered“washed up along the riverbank” of the Rio Grande, but fails to note that there have been no reports by the Obama administration on this.

This indicates a pattern of covering up dead illegal alien kids by the Obama administration. It was two weeks before news was reported on the sole child death acknowledged by the Obama administration, Gilberto Ramos, a 15 year-old boy from Guatemala whose body was found in the Texas brush dead from the heat.

From Jana Winter’s report:

“The life jackets helped many make it across the Rio Grande from Reynosa, the Mexican city across the water from Mission, just west of McAllen. Sources say they come over on rafts ferried by the so-called “coyotes,” the human smugglers whose means of transport are rendered useless whenever discovered by the Border Patrol.Many don’t make it across the river; multiple sources became emotional when recounting their discoveries of small, lifeless bodies washed up along the riverbank.”

That is all Winter has to report on the dead children.
More needs to be known about the price children are paying for the Obama administration’s lawless immigration policies.

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Yesterday, over at Hot Air, Noah Rothman argued that there’s not really any fair comparison between Bush’s response to Katrina and Obama’s response to the border crisis…because Obama’s actually helped create and exacerbate the border crisis. 

Former Top NYT Editor: Obama Officials Repeatedly Told Me 'You'll Have Blood on Your Hands'

Most transpar…oh, never mind. A former editor (that’s right. editor) at the New York Times says that the Obama administration is the most secretive she’s ever covered.

Eleanor Clift of The Daily Beast profiled former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson, and suggested  she’s best known for asserting “the Obama administration is the most secretive of any she has covered, and in 22 years in Washington, that covers a lot of White Houses. She got plenty of grief from President Obama’s top aides in the aftermath, and while other journalists made the same observation, Abramson’s words carried weight, coming as they did from the prestigious newspaper’s first female top editor.”

Clift added “Two months after leaving the Times, in case anyone is wondering, she isn’t backing down from that assertion, but backing it up with concrete examples and inside anecdotes.”

“I have heard Obama officials say more than once, ‘You will have blood on your hands if you publish this story,’”

EPA: Why, of course we have the right to garnish your wages without a court order


The EPA recently (and quietly) claimed that it has the right to garnish the wages of anyone who breaks its rules. That’s right. This faction of the Federal government gets to write its “rules” (which are actually unconstitutional laws written without Congress) and then, without the consent of Congress or the courts, “fine” (which is actually theft) those who don’t comply. Yep. Just what our founders had in mind.

From the Washington Times:

The Environmental Protection Agency has quietly floated a rule claiming authority to bypass the courts and unilaterally garnish paychecks of those accused of violating its rules, a power currently used by agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service.

The EPA has been flexing its regulatory muscle under President Obama, collecting more fines each year and threatening individuals with costly penalties for violating environmental rules. In one case, the agency has threatened fines of up to $75,000 per day on Wyoming homeowner Andy Johnson for building a pond on his rural property.

“The EPA has a history of overreaching its authority. It seems like once again the EPA is trying to take power it doesn’t have away from American citizens,” Sen. John Barrasso, Wyoming Republican, said when he learned of the EPA’s wage garnishment scheme.

Others questioned why the EPA decided to strengthen its collection muscle at this time.

Critics said the threat of garnishing wages would be a powerful incentive for people to agree to expensive settlements rather than fight EPA charges.

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Every person, environmentalist or not, should realize the danger of any organization having this much power. And I submit that many people do understand the problems with it but partisanship keeps them from admitting it. The reason that our system has built-in “checks and balances” is to prevent this very thing from happening.

WaPo Fact Checker: Democrats Lying Through Their Teeth On Hobby Lobby Ruling

This is amazing. It’s hard enough to overcome the lying rhetoric and misinformation that comes from the media. But it becomes darn near impossible to overcome it when it comes from politicians. No one’s rights were taken away because of the Hobby Lobby ruling. In fact, the opposite is true. Rights would have been taken away if the court had ruled against Hobby Lobby. We shouldn’t be concerned that the ruling came down the way it did, we should be concerned that it wasn’t 9-0.

He claims they don’t give out Pinocchios for lying about Supreme Court cases. In this instance they’d need a new scale to measure the outrageous lies, or as Glenn Kessler says, misspeaking. Can we just call lies what they are?

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s 5-to-4 ruling that, as a closely held company, Hobby Lobby was not required to pay for all of the birth-control procedures mandated by the Affordable Care Act, Democrats have rushed to condemn the court. But in some cases the rhetoric has gotten way ahead of the facts.

Here’s a round-up of some of the more noteworthy claims. In some cases, lawmakers concede that they make a mistake; in others, they are argue that they are offering what amounts to opinion, even though the assertion was stated as fact.

Statements on Supreme Court cases are notoriously difficult to fact check because rulings are open to interpretation – and the full impact is often difficult to judge until lower courts begin to react to the ruling. Both Democrats and Republicans use adverse Supreme Court rulings to rally their respective bases, but lawmakers have a responsibility not to succumb to overheated and inaccurate rhetoric.

Nothing in the ruling allows a company to stop a woman from getting or filling a prescription for contraceptives, but that salient fact is often lost as lawmakers jump to conclusions that the cost will be prohibitive. That may or may not be the case depending on circumstances. Moreover, it is worth remembering that when the Affordable Care Act was passed, 28 states already had laws or regulations that promote insurance coverage for contraception. The law sought to extend that across the country — and even with this ruling, that will remain the case for the vast majority of workers.

But hey, why worry about facts when you have a largely compliant media to help spread your lies?

“Really, we should be afraid of this court.  The five guys who start determining what contraceptions are legal. Let’s not even go there.”

— Pelosi

Yes, that’s a bald-face lie and everyone knows it.