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College is not a “safe space” for Christians

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This is a great op-ed from a professor of Philosophy at Duquesne University in Pennsylvania. He just so happens to be a Christian and an African American. Recalling his time as an undergrad, he say that what led him to feel “unsafe” on college campuses was not that he was black but that he was a Christian. But that’s ok, as he explains—college is meant to be a place where ideas are challenged, and feeling unsafe often leads to personal growth and strength of character.

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Washington Post’s fact checker contradicted by previous articles in the Washington Post

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The mainstream media is abuzz today with something Donald Trump said? Are you surprised? He recalled Muslims in New Jersey celebrating the terrorists after 9/11, and under today’s progressive zeitgeist, saying anything bad about Muslims is completely taboo! The Washington Post fact checker fired off a quick “Four Pinocchios” article decrying Trump’s claims, but there was just one problem—a quick search of the Washington Post’s own archives provides an article from September 18, 2001 about Muslims in New Jersey hosting “tailgate parties” on their rooftops, watching the smoke rise from neighboring New York City.

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Greensboro NC police’s gun surrender program yields only 1 BB gun

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We told you about the Greensboro NC police department’s plan to host a community-wide gun surrender. It seems the residents of Greensboro are much smarter than the police chief there, as exactly none of them decided to voluntarily disarm themselves and leave their homes without protection. What cops did get was 1,000 “non-violence pledges” (I promise to be really, really good this year, Santa!) and a single BB gun.

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Homeland Security can’t locate Syrian refugee inside the United States, possibly in Washington DC

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Well, here’s some comforting news to start your weekend. The Department of Homeland Security has lost track of a Syrian refugee who was supposed to be settled in Louisiana. When Louisiana officials couldn’t find him, they reached out to DHS who said he was “resettling” in Washington DC and was supposed to check in upon arrival there. But he never checked in, an now the government has no idea where he’s located.

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Utah public school apologizes after sending students home with “Make a propaganda poster for ISIS” homework assignment

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Imagine if your child came home from a day at their public junior high school with the following homework assignment: “Make a propaganda poster for ISIS.” What would your reaction be? My guess is that there would be pretty much universal outrage. That was the case in Utah, and now the school is apologizing to parents for their flaming ball of stupidity.

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MIT climate scientist: “When someone says this is the warmest temperature on record…it’s just nonsense.”

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A panel of prominent scientists gathered in Texas this week to denounce the politicized alarmism over climate change. The panel included MIT climate scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen, Princeton physicist Dr. Will Happer, and Greenepeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore. Each of them had stinging criticism for the corruption of today’s scientific community, dismissing global warming alarmism as “nonsense,” “Orwellian,” and “propaganda.”

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United Healthcare considering dropping out of Obamacare, citing budget concerns

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Hey remember when the folks at United Healthcare (and it’s affiliate, AARP) were all in favor of Obamacare? Well, they’re over it. From Fox News: The nation’s largest health insurer fired a shot across the bow of ObamaCare on Thursday, citing flagging enrollment and high-risk customers in suggesting it may have to pull out of the exchanges in 2017. UnitedHealth Group …