One year ago today…

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There are few people on Earth who have positively affected the liberty movement as much as Andrew Breitbart. He encouraged conservatives and libertarians to be bold in the face of overwhelming opposition from the media and, in fact, make the media less and less relevant by becoming the media ourselves. That’s why it was such a terrible loss when he was found dead one year ago today.


I see Andrew every day. When I fire up my buddy list there is Bodiaz bringing his dose of happy-sad. Thanks, someone, for not turning his computer off.

On the one-year anniversary of his death, many folks will speak of Andrew’s loss to the cause. Go ahead and cube that vacuum a few times. It’s true, in some measure he lives on in all of us. When I was out campaigning for Romney last year, all my tough decisions were decided by a simple What Would Andrew Do?

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My all time favorite Andrew Breitbart moment came when he crashed Anthony Weiner’s press conference and told the truth to the reporters waiting to hear Mr. Weiner: