Oklahoma passes bill making abortion a felony

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It’s good to see autonomous states finally flex some muscle on this issue.

From WaPo:

Lawmakers in Oklahoma approved a bill Thursday that would make performing abortions a felony and revoke the medical licenses of any physician who assists in such a procedure.

This sweeping measure, which opponents have described as unconstitutional and unprecedented, will now head to Gov. Mary Fallin (R). She will have five days to decide whether to sign the bill, and her office did not immediately respond to a request Thursday about her plans.

The Oklahoma bill is the first such measure of its kind, according to the Center for Reproductive Rights, which says that other states seeking to ban abortion have simply banned the procedure rather than attaching penalties like this.

According to the bill, a person who performs or induces an abortion will be guilty of a felony and punished with between one and three years in the state penitentiary.

This legislation also says that any physician who participates in an abortion will be “prohibited from obtaining or renewing a license to practice medicine in this state.” However, medical licenses will not be stripped from doctors who perform abortions deemed necessary to save the mother’s life.

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Unfortunately, thanks to liberal judge activism, this is likely doomed in federal courts.