North Colorado to vote on secession

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Conventional wisdom says this has very little chance of passing. But that hasn’t stopped a handful of northern Colorado counties from pushing for secession from the rest of Colorado in order to form a brand new state aptly named North Colorado.

From the Hill:

Residents of 11 Colorado counties will vote Tuesday on whether to secede and form the nation’s 51st state.

Proponents of the ballot measure say it is needed to give them a political voice. They say the state government, which is under control of Democrats, is ignoring the concerns of rural voters when passing new gun controls and energy mandates.

The ballot measure would only be a first step to secession. If passed, it would only allow counties to “pursue those [other] counties [in] becoming the 51st state.” The state legislature and Congress would also have to approve.

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There are those who are calling those who want to secede “extremists” while others are ignoring the movement altogether. But truly, there’s nothing “extreme” about it. People should be able to govern themselves and when they feel that their government is no longer representing them but actually working against them, it’s reasonable to peacefully part ways. The Declaration of Independence is pretty clear on this…

That being said, this particular movement is unlikely to pass. However, the more a centralized government passes sweeping unjust laws, the more you will hear talk of separation. This isn’t “extremism”, it’s natural.