Newly surfaced YouTube video shows Trayvon Martin participating in a “fight club”

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Last week, we learned that Trayvon Martin had drugs in his system at the time he was shot and killed.  Today, a new video has surfaced showing Trayvon participating in a “fight club.”

Here’s the video:

from Gateway Pundit:

The video was uploaded on Trayvon Martin’s YouTube Channel.
At least, the video “Anthony vs. Curtis” was there last month.  

But, after his death the video was later scrubbed from his YouTube Channel.

The video “Anthony vs. Curtis” has since been re-uploaded to YouTube. The video shows Trayvon engaged in actual and intentional violent conduct. You’ll notice Trayvon in the video, wearing a white cap with the striped shirt. You can hear his name called out about 5 seconds into the video.

You can also see Trayvon’s tattoo in the video.

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This story is a terrible case of an incident being tried in the media before all the facts were out there.  Even President Obama jumped into the fray, polluting the jury pool before George Zimmerman is able to receive a fair trial.  

Eventually, a judge and jury will decide whether or not George Zimmerman committed any crime when he shot Trayvon Martin.  However, when that happens, Zimmerman deserves to have all the facts on the table.

UPDATE: YouTube scrubbed the video. Embed fixed with LiveLeak video.