New climate change strategy: kill camels to reduce carbon emissions

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I’m not making this up.  In Australia, government regulators are considering killing feral camels as a means to “tackle climate change."  The plan is to shoot camels from helicopters, and here’s the reason why:

from Reuters:

Considered a pest due to the damage they do to vegetation, a camel produces, on average, a methane equivalent to one tonne of carbon dioxide a year, making them collectively one of Australia’s major emitters of greenhouse gases.

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The idea is being touted as environmentally friendly, and the Northwest Carbon managing director actually said, ”We’re a nation of innovators and we find innovative solutions to our challenges – this is just a classic example.“

Now, look.  If you’ve got a camel pest problem, fine.  Hunt the camels.  Florida has a python problem.  Illinois has a Asian silver carp problem.  Hunt them.  Kill them. 

But don’t blame it on climate change. 

You know what?  This sounds a lot like Sarah Palin’s much maligned aerial wolf hunting program in Alaska.  Maybe that’s what we should say for her from now on: she’s just doing her part to reduce global warming.