Mizzou students begin segregating themselves, ask whites to leave ‘Black only healing space’

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Everything old is new again.

From the Blaze:

Student protesters at the University of Missouri asked white supporters to leave Wednesday night in order to create a “black only healing space.”

Steve Schmidt, an activist who was at the protest, tweeted that Concerned Student 1950 group were “asking white allies to leave.”

Prominent Black Lives Matter activist Johnetta Elzie seemingly confirmed those with Caucasian skin were asked to leave the area, tweeting that the group had created a “black only healing space for the students to share, decompress, be vulnerable & real.”

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When you tell a person their entire life that they can’t make it because the deck is stacked against them, they’ll eventually believe it. Make no mistake, that’s what’s happening here. All the years of racist progressive indoctrination is finally coming to fruition (with the help of the media and other outside forces).