Minnesota gun buyback flops. Because obviously it did.

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From Fox News:

A Minneapolis gun buyback program targeting weapons used in street crimes may be shooting blanks, as detractors said a Saturday collection mostly took in antiquated, unused or homemade arms from legal owners and did little to thin the firearm supply actually available to dangerous criminals.

Two Minneapolis locations collected about 150 firearms Saturday, but both exchanges were forced to shut down several hours early when officials ran out of Visa gift cards – $25,000 worth, The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

And at least some of that money helped finance the purchase of even more guns.

One anonymous gun owner told WCCO he received $200 in gift cards that he planned to use to buy a new firearm. That man said he didn’t think the program was serving its intended purpose.

“I just don’t feel that a criminal is going to come up to a fire department with a bunch of police around it and turn in a gun,” he said.

Paul Joat, an area gun collector, told The Star Tribune he bought two weapons on the street, ostensibly offering the sellers a better deal than the city could.

“A lot of what I’m seeing is gun nuts turning in their guns for more than they’re worth,” he said.

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So…a bunch of law-abiding gun-owners came to trade in old guns in order get gift cards to buy new guns. Excellent. Furthermore, the anonymous gun-owner has it exactly right. Criminals are not going to voluntarily hand in their guns for a lousy gift card. So how many guns did this $25k of taxpayer money take off the street? Probably zero.

This, like everything else the left does, is about the feels. It’s style over substance. When you understand this, you’ll understand what makes the left tick. They’re not interested in actually accomplishing things and making society better. They’re interested in doing things that make them feel like they’re accomplishing things and making society better.