Militant pro-aborts aren’t too happy about the Doritos Super Bowl ad

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It was one of only a few Super Bowl commercials I actually laughed at. And pro-abortion crowd doesn’t like it.

In case you missed it, here’s the ad:

But, as I mentioned, some prominent abortion proponents weren’t all that happy that Doritos showed a living, moving unborn baby on an ultrasound. Check out this Tweet from NARAL:

How dare you “humanize” an unborn…er…human. Now that’s what I call science denial.

From NRO:

…What’s causing controversy is the portrayal of that unborn baby as one with an actual human personality. As NRO’s Jay Nordlinger noted earlier, the ad dares to portray the unborn child as human, and “not a meaningless blob of protoplasm.”

…The trouble for NARAL and other pro-choice advocates is that technological advances like ultrasounds have become some of the most powerful arguments on the pro-life side. Even at the earliest stages of a pregnancy, it is clearly evident that the image an ultrasound shows is a tiny little human, and countless parents have watched that screen in amazement, overjoyed to see their baby for the first time and hear its heart beating.

By showing a “fetus” as not a “clump of cells” but a tiny human being, Doritos exposed the weakness of the pro-abortion worldview: The commitment to denying the humanity of the unborn child is in conflict with basic common sense.

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YES. This right here. By Tweeting this, NARAL is accidentally admitting that ultrasounds “humanize” unborn babies. They would rather you not look at them (ignore the science) because the truth might make you change your mind. Unreal.