Matt Walsh: Why won’t abortion advocates defend this woman who aborted her baby?

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Good question.

From the Blaze:

…On Monday, right around the time that the Supreme Court was reaffirming a woman’s divine right to kill her baby, a judge in Ohio was sentencing a woman to life in prison without parole for doing exactly that. Emile Weaver, a former college student, now faces decades behind bars for killing her newborn daughter after giving birth to her in the bathroom of her sorority house.

The details are horrific but relevant to the discussion. Weaver became pregnant and apparently decided early on that she wasn’t going to keep the baby. She proceeded to spend her pregnancy drinking and smoking pot and playing dodge ball. She wasn’t worried about the child’s health because she knew she’d get rid of it eventually. One can assume that her unborn daughter – unaware that her mother’s womb was death row – suffered greatly as she awaited her execution.

For whatever reason, Weaver never aborted the baby while it was still inside her. She waited until she was born and placed her in a trash bag and tossed her outside. Seemingly quite satisfied with herself, she then calmly texted “No more baby” to the girl’s father. “Taken care of,” she continued to reassure him.

…Why is a woman sitting in prison for killing a baby in the same country that proclaims baby murder as the sacred right of all women? Why is Weaver branded a killer in the same country that brands Handler a hero? What are the actual moral and scientific differences between Weaver’s choice, which our culture considers criminal, and Handler’s choice, which our culture celebrates as empowering and liberating?

The answer, of course, is clear: There is no real difference.

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He’s exactly right, course. There is no real difference. If abortion is fine up until the moment of birth, then it should be fine shortly after birth. Or even a long while after birth. Right?