Matt Walsh to Kaepernick: You’re Not Oppressed. You’re Spoiled

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From The Matt Walsh Blog via The Blaze:

Dear Colin Kaepernick,

I heard about your recent “protest“ before the 49ers preseason game on Friday.

While everyone else in the stadium stood solemnly and respectfully for the national anthem, you sat and twiddled your thumbs. At first I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I figured you were warming the bench just out of force of habit.Then I thought you were perhaps resting so that you’d have the strength and stamina to run and fetch the water bottles for the starters during timeouts.

Alas, your intentions weren’t nearly so practical or selfless. You were making a statement, it turns out. Most athletes who’ve signed $100 million deals try to make their statements on the field, but, appropriately, you decided to make yours on the sidelines.

…Indeed, it’s kind of curious that you stood for the national anthem every other year of your football career, right up until this summer, when you just so happened to be weeks away from getting beat for the starting job by a castoff from the Jacksonville Jaguars. It seems that your willingness to “lose your job because of your beliefs” is similar to my willingness to forfeit my chance at getting accepted into the NASA astronaut candidate program because of mine.

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LOL. That last bold section cracked me up.

Look, Mr. Kaepernick can do what he wants. But his criticism is well deserved for several reasons.

For instance, I could talk about the fact that Colin Kaepernick’s entire protest is based on a lie or the fact that his motive is actually suspect because, as Matt mentioned, he was likely going to be replaced soon anyway, I could even spend time on this (how is that not talked about more, btw?). But I want to approach this differently.

Here’s the thing, I understand the concept. The United States is not perfect. In fact, every time I hear SJW’s spew their nonsense or hear Americans tout socialism as a reasonable system of government or watch violent protesters be selectively outraged or hear politicians lie to me over and over with no consequences or see blatantly biased news stories disguised as journalism or slowly watch the culture rapidly decline morally or hear people decry the desire to keep one’s earnings as “selfish” while demanding that others pay for things they find deplorable or watch as activist judges ignore and decimate the Constitution or hear our Founders slandered on a regular basis or watch as liberty, in general, erodes, I feel a little less patriotic too. It makes me wonder what I’m fighting for.

See, I don’t love America blindly. Blind allegiance can be dangerous. Sure, there is the natural love that comes with familiarity, but my love for America is based on its founding idea: The idea that people should be free.

Hundreds of millions of people, including Kaepernick, have benefited from this idea. This idea is what allowed Colin Kaepernick to become a multi-millionaire for throwing a ball. Matt’s right. Colin is spoiled. And the point that he seems to miss is that the history of the world is virtually nothing but government oppression. What’s more, ironically, America is the first country in the world to give the people the right to freely protest the government, including sitting down and refusing to honor it.