Man with concealed weapon stops potential mass shooting outside nightclub

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Where’s the media?


Deputies with Spartanburg County said a man faces multiple attempted murder charges after opening fire outside a nightclub early Sunday morning…

Deputies said 32-year-old Jody Ray Thompson pulled out a gun after getting into an argument with another man and fired several rounds toward a crowd that had gathered out in front of the club.

“His rounds struck 3 victims, and almost struck a fourth victim, who in self-defense, pulled his own weapon and fired, striking Thompson in the leg,” Lt. Kevin Bobo said.

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Make no mistake, while this certainly wasn’t terrorism (the man didn’t have any sort of religious or political motive, rather, was just angry and likely drunk), he would have likely killed several people had he not been stopped. This gun owner probably stopped a mass shooting.

So why has the media embargoed it? Well, a couple of reasons. One is that no one died. Like it or not, people aren’t as interested in almost-catastrophes as they are catastrophes. But that’s not the only reason they haven’t mentioned it. They don’t want to mention it because it doesn’t fit the narrative. The media narrative on the left is that this sort of thing doesn’t ever happen. But it does happen. It happens all the time. Good people defend themselves with guns.

But these two reasons for the media blackout are actually related to one another. I’ve pointed this out before but it bears repeating: It is impossible to know how many people don’t die in mass shootings that don’t happen because they were thwarted by legal gun-ownership. How many liquor stores aren’t robbed because the would-be suspect is worried that the clerk might have a weapon? How many homes are not broken into because the criminal doesn’t know (or, better yet, does know) if the homeowner has a weapon? Answer: LOTS. Almost all of them. But this isn’t news. It will never be a headline because it can’t be. “No one died today because an unknown number of horrible mass shootings didn’t happen” is not a headline that anyone would ever write. But it is important to understand this concept the next time you hear someone cite statistics regarding crime and shootings.

When people are legally allowed (and encouraged) to defend themselves, they do. When they aren’t, Orlando happens (and San Bernandino and Sandy Hook, and Virginia Tech and Colorado, etc).