Man at Clemson University told he cannot pray outside ‘free speech area’

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Who needs that outdated 1st Amendment?

From The College Fix:

Visiting Clemson University to seek prayer with students has been deemed “solicitation” only allowed in the campus free-speech zone and only after the proper paperwork has been filled out and approved.

It’s a policy that’s been thrust into the spotlight after a polite but terse confrontation recently between a Clemson grad student, a local man known to pray with students, and a campus official.

On Thursday afternoon, Clemson grad student Kyra Palange walked across campus after class and noticed a man sitting in a folding chair with another chair next to him holding a sign saying “PRAYER.”

“I approached him and we sat down to pray for a few minutes,” Palange told Young Americans for Freedom, of which she is a member. “When we finished, a man from the university approached us and said he could not be praying there because it was not a ‘designated free speech area’ and presented the person who [I] was praying with a form for the procedures for applying for ‘solicitation’ on campus. He told him he had to leave.”

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Yes it’s ridiculous that someone was told he was not allowed to have a sign that offered to pray with students on campus. This not only violates the first amendment (Clemson is a public University), but it demonstrates just how much cultural rot the US has experienced over the past few decades.

But can we just talk about how dumb “free speech zones” are? I know I’ve said this before (and I’m sure I will again), we are living in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.