Look at the what the minimum wage is doing for Washington D.C. unemployment

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This is the reality of the minimum wage.

From PJ Media:

Whenever someone tells you an increase in the minimum wage doesn’t cost jobs, just point to the nation’s capital in 2016.

In the first six months of 2016, leading up to a $11.50 per hour minimum wage, Washington, D.C., lost 1,400 restaurant jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is a full 2.7 percent decline in food service jobs in two quarters, the largest such drop since the 2001 recession 15 years ago. In fact, this is the first time since 1991 that restaurants lost jobs in five of the first six months of a year. Even the 2008 recession pales in comparison to this loss of employment.

The new minimum wage took effect on July 1, a $1.00 increase from 2015. Further increases will continue in the future, as the minimum wage will be determined by the Consumer Price Index starting July 1, 2017. The $15 per hour minimum wage will be reached by 2020, according to a city council ordinance. That’s more bad news for the restaurant service industry.

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This stuff doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The left used to pretend that it did — that nothing the government did could possibly have any negative repercussions on the economy. But many leftists have given up on defense when it comes to minimum wage. The evidence is just too overwhelming. The hot new progressive argument is: “If those restaurants couldn’t afford to pay a decent wage then good! They don’t deserve to be in business.” I’m not kidding. They are actually using that nonsense as an argument as if it’s legitimate.

But not only does this argument wildly ignore the principles of liberty and the fact that two autonomous parties might just be able to come to an agreement without the coercive force of an authoritarian government playing a role, but by using this argument, progressives admit that they would rather people be unemployed than work for less than an arbitrary amount set by a bureaucrat. It’s amazing.

Let’s recap: A man works his entire life to build a business. He can afford to pay his employees x amount. The government says “That’s illegal.” The man is forced to close his business and/or lay people off. Meanwhile, a person who was willing to work for the previous amount and was learning a trade or skill that would be useful later in life, no longer has a job. Evidently, progressives think this is a good thing.