Leonardo DiCaprio: People who don’t accept the govt’s global warming narrative shouldn’t hold office

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A religious test to hold office. Nice.

From Politico:

Politicians who deny climate change are unfit to serve, actor Leonardo DiCaprio said at a White House event Monday alongside President Barack Obama.

“The scientific consensus is in and the argument is now over,” the Academy Award-winning actor said during a discussion during the White House’s South by South Lawn event. “If you do not believe in climate change, you do not believe in facts, or in science or empirical truths and therefore, in my humble opinion, should not be allowed to hold public office.”

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Remember, this is a guy who has private planes, private yachts and several energy-squandering mansions. He should totally be able to have those things. But you shouldn’t.

But hypocrisy aside, this is just insane. If you don’t believe exactly what the government tells you to believe, you should’t be allowed to hold office. *sigh*