Leonardo DiCaprio: Environmentalism for thee, not for me

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Leonardo DiCapro totes loves the environment you guys. And he’s super scared of global warming. In fact, he’s so concerned about the future of our planet, that he mentioned it in his Oscar acceptance speech recently (don’t do it — it’s not worth it):


In fact, he’s SO concerned, that he’s even thinking about quitting acting in order to devote himself to fighting global warming. My hero.


But as LwC notes, the problem is, he’s not quite concerned enough to give up his private¬†yacht time:

Or his private plane time:


Or any of his houses:




Maybe he’s worried that the theoretical sea-level rise will flood his very own private island. Hmm…


You get the picture. Look, Leonardo DiCaprio’s wealth is not the problem. He is a talented actor, no doubt. I celebrate the fact that he’s been able to peacefully and honestly accumulate great wealth. But his preachy activism is both misguided and hypocritical.

He’s not concerned about the effects of man-made global warming. He’s a celebrity who has to have some cause to¬†get behind. Or, maybe he’s just the worst activist ever…