Legal experts: Massachusetts law might put pastors in jail for using ‘wrong’ gender pronouns

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We don’t need no stinking Constitution.

From the Stream:

Pastors who use the wrong pronoun can be jailed in Massachusetts.

On Saturday, a law banning sex-segregated bathrooms and other practices for places of “public accommodation” took effect. Specifically meant to promote gender ideology, the law was passed by the state’s Democratic state legislative majority and signed by Republican governor Charles Baker.

The law mostly applies to businesses that serve the general public. However, according to guidance from the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, churches that hold “secular” events like “a spaghetti dinner…open to the general public” are under the statute during such events.

Washington Post legal analyst Eugene Volokh said the law could end up with pastors being punished if even members of the congregation didn’t use the government-approved language. A church that appears to tolerate language critical of transgender people can be accused of creating a “hostile environment,” and therefore “harassment.”

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No, I don’t expect any US pastors to be jailed for speech as a result of this law any time soon. That’s not how progressivism generally works. It’s usually more gradual than that.

However, denying the reality that it could happen is dangerous.

This is obviously outrageous. But we must not be outraged just because it’s a religious institution or just because this is the government “going too far.” We must be principled about this. It is wrong for the government to coerce free, peaceful people. Period. The end. This is true for all races, sexes, religions, etc. As I’ve said before, philosophically speaking, there’s no such thing as religious liberty. There is only liberty and tyranny.